Thursday, January 08, 2015

slippery when wet


real freezing rain. okay, montreal, i get the whole freezing rain thing now. it's beautiful. it's terrible. it's enough. let's go back to snow, huh? it's january already anyway... you shouldn't be warm enough to rain.

exhaustion, napping and braindead all day
skipping the slam, finishing braid. incredible mechanics, but while the story is intriguing for the most part it's not satisfying and doesn't really do the game much justice


sleeping in
screwing up my israeli bank access and after fifteen minutes on the phone understanding that there's nothing i can do about it except bother pg

slippery ice, freaky scary but great core workout!

big coughing day at work and in the gym - trying not to get sick

relaxed and positive day

men's locker room switch inconvenience 
hard training but feeling pretty good for not having been in a while 

super dry hands
sliding home to mozartvitalic, a huge dinner and comics while feeling super-good after training 


hac taking a sick day after i made him feel guilty about bringing his cough to the office

early morning emergency lucky charms run / slip 'n slide
a great morning coffee, then a rush to work

overall, a fine day. kickboxing: the second class after weeks off, feeling very good but tired and slow. the blizzard made the streets safe to walk and promises a good weekend :)

that moment of indecision leading to a veggie / tofu pad thai on my way home... completely forgetting to ask gd if she wanted anything >.<
at least i was in time to go back...

odd thomas is fantastic!


midnight chores, late to bed and jumpstart at 5am with my sister's second call getting past my phone's "do not disturb"

hard dreaming only dimly recalled, waking up to catch my sister on the beach and introduce her to gd

blizzard post office mission - foot rubs' ball is totally worth it, i'm glad i picked up two!

rolling back my big project again

so hard to concentrate, my head everywhere but in my work, i was sleepy and sore and in serious need of some snowboarding and a solid s'effrican stomp

long late afternoon / evening

örmagörd it's cold walking through -21 into a light breeze and trying not to slide on the re-exposed ice

john dies at the end (the first half, at least) is a pretty darned good translation from the book

seriously stretching before early to bed

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