Wednesday, December 03, 2014

stormy weather


no alarm oversleeping
full rush with missed birthday messages
arriving late to work and learning that my project's fundamentally broken

k-twang's wedding... is just a ceremony with no actual marriage? i'm not making my life, and gd's, hard for a parody

flu vaccine quick and painless, but i couldn't tell if i was giddy about the day's big events or woozy from the shot
giving up on the visa hotline after fifteen minutes on hold

having the word "step-dog" stuck in my head

epic email instructions fail trying to be precise and achieving the exact result i was trying to avoid 

overall shitty unproductive day
this almost-winter shit is aggravating because you don't know if you should be wearing boots or not 

kgb cancelling at the last minute
stepdog adoption
visa: third time getting through only to be forwarded to a closed line
ghost in the shell 2 subs only


so tired and so comfortable, far too cruel of the world to be dragging me out of bed

righteous indignation, cancelling my trip to sa and losing $900 in the process (aeroplan' cancellation insurance is worthless. why did i get inflexible non-refundable tickets?!) - instead of losing that plus two weeks' pay

very, very cold garbage day

a very tough email to send, getting support from uncle hate feels wrong and i left out a reference to the emperor's new clothes, family drama

almost falling for an IT dept phishing scam test

a long day trying to plug someone else's memory leak only to discover it's not the cause of our real problems, and being absolutely fatigued while studying fantastically boring documents 

kgb and wife visit and gd's pseudo-pizza snack deliciousness
comic publishing
omg ghost in the shell 2 (until i caught myself nodding off) is gorgeous 

stunning snowstorm... with my boots in the office

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