Thursday, December 18, 2014

flash forward

tuesday night:

gd's first first-night channukah: a rough night for someone whose mother is on her deathbed and who has a day fully booked at a job where a boss is harassing her


weather matching our emotions with rain
a slow the-holidays-are-coming day, beginning a google sheets tutorial

nothing but dev machine trouble and code strangeness- beginning to suspect that the javascript scope model is unreliable

long chat with my mom, who's upset about the potential fallout - apparently k-twang (of all people) is being pleasant, but his mother is not :(
me? i'm all "whatever". enough playing nice to people who don't make any effort for others.

working late, leaving worried about gd and hurrying to get home...

my back feeling a bit better, gd improving with dinner and heroes until late
a *little* google sheets progress

1.30am to bed... not so smart :P

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