Monday, November 10, 2014

not exactly transcendental

saturday night:

early to bed with comixology shopping
1am rls
weird dreams
good slow morning
opening up a bank account online (well, mostly)
comic progress
stretching tingling
clinic visit fail
sukiyaki gluttony 
busy with chores and inappropriate behaviour modification
double shopping in cold weather

really feeling my abs and my lower back, walking in to sneaker pimps and incense and cooking smells for a bath
örmagörd gd's first soup (carrot, ginger, garlic, almond milk) was AMAZING.

saga awesome

the most (un)coordinated person i know

transcendence interrupted by quite the opposite


a good night's sleep, a good monday morning and not seeing the doctor because his hours start later than advertised 

weirdly comfortable cold weather 
excellent work pre-lunch

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