Tuesday, October 07, 2014

the darkness


successfully not snoozing in order to get to the office earlier
gd and invader zim
calling visa to be transferred to bank to be transferred to visa again
high tension gd work norms / work insurance morning

on the metro platform realizing i've forgotten my keycard %#?¥!
and a sore knee to boot?

hard morning but good achievement
newk'd on board

stabilizing, almost losing important changes due to a bad git reflex

leaving in a hurry for a meeting with the rabbi and not hitting the toilet first: made the metro, good! felt uncomfortable, bad!

both the rabbi and reform judaism in general are very welcoming

p.m. surprise appetites / yeh! kind-of disappointment

cranberries - stars in my head

camille claudel


once upon a time a bunch of misanthropes got together and decided that we should all wake up when it's dark and cold.
taking out the trash on garbage day when it's raining too?

gd ipad / amazon / comixology / facebook mess
gd's post-budget understanding that it's time to stop taking shit at work and time to start seriously exploring alternatives

leaving late again

mostly useless morning

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