Thursday, September 25, 2014

happy new year!

it's a bit weird that i'll be working tomorrow...


all i really remember from my dreams are having returned to the cabin (treehouse?) worrying about sunstroke because my face was burning, and nothing was cooling me down

emma watson goes from spew in harry potter to heforshe in real life?

forgotten gym shorts so no lunchtime training

social security form's "occupation": "staying overseas"

non-standard vagrant
admin privileges NOT helpful

dr pepper treat turns to fizz splash embarrassment

windows line endings fail

coming home to the ugly smell of evolution (red peppers) and a slightly inebriated spouse

deadman wonderland


5.30am you're going to fall off the bed! why are you always on the edge? showing gd and us both getting hysterical

not sleeping well until just before the alarm
can't-get-out-of-bed winning solution

slow-motion morning, questions of etiquette (rosh hashana) and work responsibility

the kind of day that we should have had all summer, foggy and cool then sunny and warm

newk'd pushap lunch and embarrassing no-cash for cash-only dessert

first coffee at 1pm pride
second coffee half an hour later shame
rooibos chai surprise from big junior

all because gstreamer documentation is pitiful

psychedelik prog station pulling me through, and reminding me that i *need* a party

far too much junk food 

it's strange leaving before six

super-awkward toronto cousin wishes, better godmother wishes but ear pressing the "1" button repeatedly must've been uncomfortable for her

vegan chag! digital siddur

[serious sense of humour failure]

scratching the beard, hairs falling out

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