Friday, July 11, 2014

double positive

i've been a bit too busy to post, but tuesday and today have had some amazing news and i need to share it before i head off to the gym:

1. gd's boss did a complete 180 and not only gave a her a raise but reduced the amount of dead hours in her week; she's now working three days a week and that leaves her time to heal from her back treatments as well as the potential to work a desk job.

2. i received an email today informing me that my work permit has been approved and that i should be in the office within a week.

i'm not going to use capital letters or exclamation marks, i'm simply so excited and relieved that i'm going to let my little things-are-going-to-be-okay dance and my deep exhalations be enough for now.

next milestones: coming back through the border, onboarding, first paycheck, and getting four months of experience under my belt.

i finally got a chance to play around today; the more complicated stuff has proven easy, and the simple stuff has been wasting my time horrendously. oh, web development, how i've missed you :P

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