Monday, July 08, 2013

sweat test

why is my apartment even muggier than outside? i would've opened my balcony door but there were swarms of gnats about.

why can i not update my leap motion pre-order details? and why won't they get back to me? i feel like i'm about to miss out on something that i shouldn't be missing out on.

why did i not get anything productive done all day? why can i not wrap my head around sails (the node.js framework)? why did i remember games like star control as being much more fun?


i was *really* tired the whole day so i napped a fair amount.

to be fair, i did sort out my fan which broke last night. i couldn't take it back to walmart if i wanted to because i've lost the receipt :(

and i did go through a whole lot of work emails.

and i did give my mouth guard another try. i believe the problem was my following the instructions to the letter and it needing a few more seconds of boiling. i'm also sure that i should try again with the new one i bought or go with a single-sided mouth guard. i headed off to the gym for about twenty minutes on the punching bags with my mouth guard in to practice breathing and my el-cheapo rash guard top to see if i can handle sweating in it.

it's fine, they're fine, i got a bit of a workout and i have a sparring partner for when i return from my two weeks post-op.

i'm so excited every time i look in the mirror! narcissistic, perhaps, but i've worked hard for this.

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