Wednesday, July 17, 2013


over the past two days, we've discussed replacing the it guy and ceh (he's arrogant, difficult to work with and hates communicating). the development team now has access to a rubber chicken (that squawks, it's funny but i didn't know about that when i ordered it). i have received my vegan creatine, and it's not bad at all! i have discovered that one of our clients is an ex-soldier with stories up the wazoo and friends who've served in the idf, so we bonded over funny catch-22 tales.

two days now that it's been so hot that i've been happy to stay a little later off the clock for the a/c; yesterday to be regaled with tales of snowboarding (and photos) and today updating my macbook and watching paths of hate which is stunning.

megaman can't look me in the eyes with my red background, and i find that hysterical. i really, really like the way it looks.

i joined vfmp, his brother and a friend last night for magic: the gathering. the cards and the rules have changed (a) little since i last played, but it was a lot of fun :)

quote of the day: "i pay one life and look for an island"
all i could think of was "isn't that what we're all doing?"

i was surprised to be on the winning team (two on two, it's possible) and left around midnight to catch the bus. the one i needed was a no-show (!!), but a couple of minutes later another one went past and the route worked out in the end. i did a dance of showering, putting drops in my eyes and eating, finally getting to bed around 2am because there was so much going on on facebook.

that shit be dangerous. especially ma. ma is beautiful. ma is borne of great intentions. ma deserves support.

i woke up exhausted this morning.

today was a long day of meetings and of assisting the cto with our integration procedure. there was something odd about doing an on-the-fly code review for my superior and hearing him promise to fix the things i pointed out :P

i'd ordered delicious chana masala yesterday and couldn't finish it so i packaged it up and put it in the office fridge. usually that's the same as putting it in the trash, but on my way out this evening i suddenly remembered and it made a great dinner the second time around! i started watching stargate sg-1 before joining jock and his girlfriend at the dollar cinema to watch pain and gain.

what a crazy film! comedic horror at its finest, i'm really glad i didn't know the real story before watching. the only thing that wasn't enjoyable was sitting in such uncomfortable seats...

i did say that my left eye has become dominant: i was wrong. it's just that the change in visual acuity makes it appear so.

the current humble bundle is brilliant!

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