Tuesday, June 11, 2013

muay thai early

there was actual sunlight coming through my windows this morning, so waking up was considerably easier.

ringworm? it's been more than a couple of days and i don't see serious symptoms... yet. unless itching counts, but apparently it's supposed to be a thing within a couple of days. but it's still possible: with the way i sleep, if i do have an outbreak somewhere it'll be everywhere in short order. this worries me.

listening to eminem on the metro this morning: i find his lyrics pretty darn inspirational. not in terms of their content, but in terms of their ambition. he balances preaching, confessing and expressing so well when he's not pandering. i mean entertaining :P

comics: i sent nocence a message explaining my reservations and she seems to understand... let's see if it translates well to mason. otherwise he's not for us.

work: a long day of managing, finally getting around to the stuff from friday just before leaving early for muay thai. the cto basically finished it for me, so all i had to do was test, document and pass on. i'm not disappointed.

i arrived at the muay thai class with no idea what to expect. people were warming up, then they weren't, there didn't appear to be an instructor. then suddenly everyone was running. for about twenty minutes. no different exercises, some of the guys would randomly do things like side-stepping and so i did a bit too. then the instructor magically appeared and was lining us up to begin to drill us with exercises that had us all - me, the first-timer, and the big, bad, experienced guys too - wheezing and sore and dripping with sweat.

the next hour was just crazy.

i walked out of there on a crazy high (assisted a little by the warm reception of my repeating one of moshe kasher's jokes about fighting) and went home to shower, quaff a protein shake*, walk to the cash machine with an energy drink and hurriedly return to boxing.

* sunwarrior's raw vegan shakes are pretty good. i liked them with water, soy and almond milk. i probably should drop my soy intake a little, and i thought almond milk would be a good replacement but at 1g protein per glass (versus 7g for soy) i'm quite disappointed.

boxing was quite relaxed compared to muay thai. i do have a long way to go before i level up to the advanced class, though.

prism scares me. as i pointed out to someone today, there is a vast difference between my allowing google and facebook et. al. to use my personal information to provide me with better service and any government using that same information to spy on me. the secret war on personal freedom has been reported, and is now open war.

i'm finally considering doing the tor thing. i'm also wondering about moving all my data offshore. only, who can one trust to manage it, if not oneself? thanks, google, for not being evil. really. </sarcasm>

fine, nystire, you were right all along.

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nystire said...

Yay me! :)

Or should that be a very sad face instead?