Saturday, February 16, 2013

bircher muesli and rum

it's delicious, and worthy compensation for pg's miscalculation that had us both lugging heavy boxes to and from the bus. still easier (and quicker) than finding a taxi, and it was as good an excuse as any for exercise.

i'm very excited about our new arrangement: on my left, a very cool and simple desk on wheels with enough space for the both of us. being leaned on by me, a matching, tall chest of drawers the perfect height to stand in for a standing desk.

i've been worried about sitting for long periods of time (it's super-unhealthy), and this alleviates a lot of that concern with burning a serious hole in my pocket.

speaking of holes in pockets - vuzix refunded my cash, and that's comforting enough that i'll re-place my order as soon as my credit card arrives. funny thing: i've been expecting the card every day, because i cannot believe that it's only been a week since i ordered it. it feels like at least twice that.

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