Monday, May 28, 2012

quick breather

seminar paper: finally ready for submission! minus format tweaking on a campus computer because i use open office. just to simplify things, i just now re-read the email from our lecturer, and discovered that we have another month (as opposed to two days) and are invited to consult :)

i think i deserve a drink / i feel like i could use a drink / i would drink if i didn't have to get ready for early class tomorrow morning. yep, i'm about ready to see the ass-end of this semester and put some sleep-time into my schedule.


it usually takes less time to gets words published on urban dictionary, but... i can now officially label myself a supplementarian - or even a technovore :)

and you can, too!


once upon a time i had this wild idea for changing to nature of input. ru55 sent me a link yesterday to something that takes us one giant leap closer - my p5 is now completely irrelevant, but i suppose that's not the end of the world. i'd say "at least i didn't invest too much time in it", but that's only because i didn't really have the time for it at all.

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