Sunday, June 04, 2017

tired, tired, tired...

sunday 28th:

waking up still thinking about awesomenauts - it's just like league of legends but simpler and more fun

getting ready for bed and feeling pretty good but mr smear waking up for an hour or two of snotty noses and leaky diapers and crying for breastfeeding which sucked all the life out of me

waking up broken, dinosaur train and crash bandicoot and struggling to get through the morning and mom coming over for her two days early birthday present and helping me install a panel heater and gd's brilliant lunch

i realize now that my son has quietly, patiently spent the past few months manipulating the skin on my neck so that he can finally grip it in his fist

fallout 4 freebie - i lost an hour or two to it and it's GOOD.
daleks and mom's visit for tea
mr smear's allergies getting worse
home exhausted and out of tissues when the supermarket were closed

a tough evening, feasting on leftovers and watching a good chunk of get out before passing out

monday 29th:

another difficult midnight session, some good rest until morning

finishing get out - the third great movie in a week and the second with flawless writing

installing two heating panels at my mom's, then coming home in time to take mr smear to see the doctor, returning home hungry and getting mr smear to eat gd's végépaté

a long afternoon with a short nap, awkward park and social shopping and mom's visit and a surprisingly quick bedtime (skipped breastfeeding)

mr smear breathing easy for the first time in days after we discovered that we'd been giving him lower doses of his allergy meds than he needed

twelve monkeys series and rls and passing out on the couch

tuesday 30th:

a pretty good night, but dragging myself out of bed at 5am with the foghorn sounding was a struggle

a little work, then breakfast, dropping off mr smear and coming home to work and even get in a little game time, dropping off gd at the chiropractor and picking up mr smear; him smashing his head up into my jaw and consequently my biting into my already sore tongue, our friend paralyzing him with tickling, his hand-in-hand climbing stairs with a little girl from his class and using her to pull himself up and her falling backwards (we caught her, though), picking up gd and returning home just in time to be late meeting my mom downstairs to move the car seat and head to col'cacchio's in town for mom's birthday lunch with my sister

a delicious lunch, and although mr smear was busy and naughty they made the experience a lot more manageable

a quick run past baby city, mr smear napping while i worked and then producing a fair amount of background noise while i spoke with a colleague

computer struggles, an insanely gorgeous sunset and gd outdoing herself with dinner: she made delicious food before, but since going vegan her dishes have become consistently outstanding

feeling dizzy and disoriented when blowing my nose (neck nerve pinch?)

the beard trimmer cutting out a quarter way through my shave (good thing we had a spare battery, all our rechargeables are in use), mr smear's bedtime routine

neck trouble and dizziness but otherwise feeling really good, too tired to watch even something as good as the twelve monkeys series

wednesday 31st:

rushing mr smear to my mom's in his pyjamas in the heavy mist because we couldn't get our car out the broken gate and we were late for gd's acupuncture appointment; picking up mr smear and rushing him home to the cleaning lady; eating his unwanted maize meal and rushing to pick gd up, dropping her off at home and rushing to see the therapist

an interesting and productive session, after we were done i asked if she'd like to hear where my depression goes and she seemed to appreciate hearing it

hungrily finishing off all the leftovers, settling accounts and trying to get some work done, getting through a long afternoon with dizziness and a scratchy throat, watching a bit of the latest american gods episode before our amazon prime trial ends (no way are we renewing, even if the selection was better the tech is shitty and paying per year instead of per month is just silly)

worsening neck / back discomfort

coconut yoghurt smoothie (great, but not so great that we'll take it again) / aquarium (last ten minutes) / incredible sunset sky / an unwanted falafel wrap but a fun service experience (mr smear attracts good attention)

an embarrassing attempt at winning a prize by hitting a punching bag with a sensor - i don't know what it was precisely (although i have a couple of suspicions) but i know i usually hit hard, certainly a lot harder than what i did there

a shitty shopping experience and an uncomfortable drive home and some exploding tension on arrival before struggling with the end of the day bedtime prep

coffee and ibupain to get through a meeting, american gods and marmite crêpes and chocolate and bad rls for a short while, a few hours shifting between work and transferring spotify playlists to google play

thursday 1st:

1am bedtime, but getting next to no sleep because mr smear wasn't in the mood

a relatively peaceful morning, completing the move to google play and spending some quality time with mr smear, then some fun getting out of the parking lot (asshole cleaning his car needing two spaces to be in the shade)

stopping at game in town: an olfactory attack and heavier shopping than planned, another idiot making leaving my parking space difficult. gd's first time in the gardens center, enjoying supporting my mom's new venture and being impressed by the pick 'n pay - being impressed by the whole mall, actually - and then leaving on an irritated note due to another shitty parker and a pushy trolley guy

back home for nap time, restless with a stuffed nose and a sore neck

delicious wraps and food issues and insulting avocado tales

a gorgeous sunset walk with mr smear, running into the guy whose apartment we almost rented and his kids, a great evening until the home-time tantrum, showering with a hookless head and a huge, delicious dinner

an easy bedtime, my mom coming over for a drink to her first day running her coffee shop and informing us that my sister just had a successful interview, 10pm out

friday 2nd:

1am unpleasant awakening, a little bit of studying then back to our regularly interrupted sleep until the cleaning lady arrived

a little work (changing my opinion of wcf a little), then the hunt for a missing masonry bit, buying a replacement and a new new shower head, installing heating panels (and wishing i'd done it a year ago) and an awesome hummus session with my son and a couple of large wraps, then him harassing me while i clipped in the cables so he'd leave them alone

exhausted, but pushing through: negotiating a satisfying deal on a welsh dresser, then taking mr smear to the park, the trouble brothers and dirty diapers and classmate collaboration

mr smear singing and entertaining for the entire duration of a quick shopping mission for tofu and cashew yoghurt, friday night dinner with furniture rearrangements

saturday 3rd:

an early start but fairly comfortable, getting stuff done (including a visit to the hardware store) before heading out to the vegan market - it was too windy, but the selection was significantly better than usual; sailor joining us, mr smear joining me in the insanely delicious macaroons but not the beautifully spiced chickpea curry rottis, returning home expecting a storm but it only broke later and not for nearly as long as we'd have liked

a little bit of nap time on returning home - well used but could have used more for sure - then watching joseph: king of dreams (good retelling, but really poor songwriting) in an attempt to occupy mr smear (not so successful), then with dr horrible's sing-along blog (better success), prepping mr smear for bed and leaving him with my mom, taking her car to cavendish in the rain (misted windows and i couldn't figure out the a/c, wiper or seat adjustments)

meeting sailor and his cousin and thoroughly enjoying wonder woman: it's got many flaws, the israeli accent becoming more pronounced in one scene bothering me in particular, but nothing that detracted from a great comic translation that makes the character cool and exciting

coming straight home (minor detour for road works) and saying good night to my mom

sunday 4th:

starting catfight thinking we'd go to bed soon, but for a stupid "whatever" film it's surprisingly engaging, going to bed at 1.30am just in time for mr smear's delayed night feeding

not a bad night, but up early and with music player issues that escalated quickly, back to spotify and then eventually settling on deezer. deezer seems awesome.

friends coming over for a brunch playdate, gd preparing delicious food that everyone wolfed down and the kids having a grand old time. mr smear napping for a bit soon after they left and giving me an opportunity to get a little rest while gd tidied and organized the new dresser, then entertaining mr smear and eventually taking him out for a walk that was cut short by the cold wind; an evening setting up deezer playlists and prepping mr smear for bed, then finally finishing catfight and being shocked that we were giving a movie with such a ridiculous premise a five-star rating.

now i've done a little cleanup of my desk, and i'm going to do a little work and then get to bed early.

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