Sunday, April 09, 2017

sunday morning 2am

so it's 2am on a sunday morning, i've been working all night on finicky bits of code and i've just tidied everything away. but the reason i'm not in bed right at this very moment is because i'm keeping an ear out for mr smear, whose been having a horrible night of coughing. it was such a good day, this is really not the way to end it.



stressed watching the smurfs movie, it pushed all sorts of buttons but it's clearly a good children's movie

tired, lazing about with wordbrain and dabbling in work, hurting my neck again (instant nausea)

a lovely visit to our cousins, an enormous compliment in the form of a request to *not* share another poem after role models hit the mark
an enjoyable afternoon with playdate friends at the park, getting the right amount of sunshine and coming home feeling tired but good

getting mr smear fed, showered and ready for bed, playing wordbrain for a little longer than i needed to be sure he was asleep before settling down to watch the end of the total recall reboot and an hysterical dave chappelle special (deep in the heart of texas)

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