Saturday, January 21, 2017

safe and secure


yesterday afternoon gd and my mom both came down with whatever i'd been suffering on thursday, so that put a damper on things. i took over for gd and sorted out everything aside from breastfeeding, and after the two of them went to sleep i sat in front of pom poko and ate leftovers that were so spicy they were painful. i didn't particularly enjoy pom poko, to be honest. it's not bad, probably very good for kids, but it's not even in the same league as princess mononoke / spirited away / howl's moving castle / my neighbour totoro...

... i went to bed as soon as i was done eating, and spent half the night suffering acid reflux. figures.

i got to sleep in in the morning, we watched a bit more trollhunter, performed and hour or two of basic parenting, and then mr smear went down for his nap. gd and i watched most of rezort, which we'd finish in the evening: great concept, a solid zombie flick by most standards but holy crap - did the writers HAVE to resort to dumbing down the characters for the action sequences?! seriously, it damages character credibility and was totally unnecessary :(

speaking of zombies and dumbed-down characters, i spent a good chunk of the afternoon resurrecting the email address of the guy who gave my mother the phone i'm (not) using, only to recreate the appleid he'd deleted and find that it's not enough to reactivate the phone. so, in a nutshell, if you have find my iphone set up and you delete your account, instead of the device being unregistered it straight-up renders the device unusable. amazing.

my mom and i took mr smear for a walk to the lighthouse, the sunset was INCREDIBLE and i couldn't take photos without my phone; mr smear almost took a tumble from a kiddie swing that's poorly designed but otherwise had a grand old time. a big dinner and showering and putting mr smear to sleep (again, him putting himself to bed) then briefly watching stuff with gd before getting into work.


well, we seem to have gotten over our illness, though we're still in the phase of praying that mr smear got it before us and that it isn't something impending; we've really been through enough this last week. and just as soon as gd started feeling better, her leg started hurting, so it's not like we're enjoying a break or anything :P

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