Sunday, April 24, 2016

the notice

sunday 17th:

a pretty good night's sleep but mr smear waking up with a serious fever

cooling down to playful, nap time, big shopping and unnecessary tension and panic

the job offer

a quiet evening spent calculating things and playing with mr smear, even reading a little

monday 18th:

it would have been an easier night if my neck wasn't so sore, weird dreams and a few wakings and putting him in the bed with us when 7am approached and he wouldn't sleep but wasn't really ready to wake up yet either

a gorgeous sunrise on a week that began with the news that boaty mcboatface won (although they won't use it :()

tofu that i had to eat half of before i was sure it wasn't beef

the meta xkcd shirt: that moment when you realize that the person whose shirt you're staring at is staring back at you. or, as was my experience today, that moment when you realize that the person you thought was staring you down was merely mesmerized by your shirt.

the considerably overweight woman at the kiosk trying to establish the freshness of the sandwich because "i'm worried about my health"

offending anti-UX dev by being surprised by some legacy code

saying goodbye to the brit, followed by accepting the offer from SxS

the sticky handbrake? fine. the reverse gear not always taking first time? okay. the car needing a minute to warm up? if i must. but all three together when some jerk has parked me in? fuck off.

a quiet evening until mr smear got up, ending on dark note caused by a typical male misunderstanding (women usually don't want solutions, they want sympathy)

tuesday 19th:

a straightforward night, a chilly morning

finally making a call to a domestic worker and then learning that i'd been given significantly different instructions than were intended

who's flooding the engine?

cheeseless pizza with cheese; too hungry to not eat it anyway

small victories (and a bit of super meat boy) after everyone went to bed

wednesday 20th:

a night of serious post-cheese suffering - painful indigestion

an early, productive morning (minus trouble starting the engine again)

a long workday

another treasure island lunch

the awkward team photo when you know you're leaving

it's not me flooding the engine, there's definitely a problem

challenging mr smear (in particular about dressing him), pies and adventure time

thursday 21st:

not an easy night but a vast improvement over the previous one, a decent morning and very fortuitously having internet installed before heading off to work

being caught by the man who i'd unwittingly parked in the day before

mr smear's breathing difficulties, a pretty productive morning and being called out to take mr smear to the doctor just after i ordered lunch

finishing treasure island along with a magnificent "bunless mexican", arriving to a blocked parking, the doctor, the pharmacy (and a very rude hebrew teacher who didn't recognize nor acknowledge me as she cut in front)

shopping and running into an old classmate in the checkout, getting a bit of work done while feeling more and more grateful to be leaving as i go deeper into their methods

a sleepy, restless mr smear, sorting out services, super meat boy followed by adventure time and a big dinner

friday 22nd:

hardcore midnight freak out with a sick mr smear (breathing trouble, and so bad he projectile vomited), spilled medication, some broken glass and a lot of struggling until gd finally got him breathing easily enough to sleep... an intermittent baby monitor, and a really early wake-up

a difficult notice to give, team sadness, hard work on a surprise customer service day, curry lunch and emergency dinner shopping in a storm, gd overload just before the smelly old woman after ten minutes waiting in the "express" checkout arguing with the cashier and then the cashier calling for her supervisor

a rushed, stressed afternoon with a bad handover before hitting rush hour for forty five minutes (i picked the right route but the wrong lane) and stressing to get ready for dinner and the ice cream parlour being closed without warning and...


... a lovely seder (grumpy old man doing it himself at high speed), mr smear's new friend, learning about tim noakes and his unscientific wishful thinking campaign: tim noakes is a fraud. but he's a fraud who tells a great story. which is why there are smart people who fall for his shit, in spite of an overwhelming body of evidence that's easily available. this upsets me.

saturday 23rd:

another difficult night, the rising crescendo until i finally convinced gd that for once i was the more experienced (allergies), sleeping eucalyptus and some good hours for us

waking up to no internet, an irritable start with improvement towards acupuncture, a positive telkom experience (the broken modem actually saved us a couple of weeks of shitty net access), picking up gd with a still-sleeping mr smear
the eggbeating will continue until morale improves

my theory this passover is that moses might not have been a single man, but rather a role played by a number of men, and that that's why the name is in plural.

an unattractive sexy food experience
"who died and made you john lennon?"
coconut water / pineapple / cayenne smoothie success, a floppy vish burger, mr smear choking on cabbage

car trunk changing table
h&m carrying a climbing boy, shop attendant adoration
shower, big pre-bath poop forcing a second shower, rushed prep, big, delicious dinner (vegan kneidlach!) and a very cool shortened seder and a lot of interesting talk (though i definitely pressed a few buttons), mr smear on me wrapped in his bear blanket

sunday 24th:

a comment on mr smear's improvement preceding an unpleasant wake-up, weird dreams and waking up to find mr smear crying and not sure how long he'd been like that for :(

a relaxed, sunny sunday morning but with hints of sinusitis

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