Saturday, November 21, 2015

time flying

monday 9th:

leaving on time when trying to leave an hour early

losing twenty minutes of lunch to a particularly slow cashier at babies r us

a meeting called to encourage the other team's mediocrity (during which i absolutely lost any respect i had for either of my managers), followed by a meeting to introduce my design to someone who already knew that the project would be frozen

coming home to take over for gd, managing to get the laundry done, change him, feed him and unintentionally put him to sleep with bob marley before gd returned to make a delicious dinner; we chatted with my mom, then (theoretically) went straight to bed

tuesday 10th:

the new 2.30am thing is groping hands seeking the diaper and non-stop bicycle motions. 'cause when you need to clean a bouncing baby after midnight, you want it to be as challenging as possible

not being able to get back to sleep for a while because i was so deeply disturbed by nifty's apology to the idiots who fucked up "for not acknowledging their contribution"; i would ask for a transfer to another team if i didn't worry that i might end up being pushed out altogether

sleeping badly, the carrier rescuing the morning, keeping myself occupied until pointless meeting time, bug hunting and the 5pm lunch break during which i learned that my initial understanding of the residence application procedure was correct

leaving the office late, coming home for a shopping outing, leftovers and passing out at the first opportunity

wednesday 11th:

gd with nerve pain and vain clients with zero sympathy? enough.
mr smear with painful gas

that special kind of anxiety when you have a small child at home and someone in the elevator begins to cough

whatever day, donating more clothing, nap attack at 2pm
the big cheese meeting preceded by my lead making a pathetic play for credit, followed by strategizing, followed by a small cheese meeting, followed by an investigation which saw nox backing me up when my manager was importantly making a very bad call.

salad shopping, p.m., high on life, garbage day, freaky filming cops footage, a serious shower

thursday 12th:

3.45am miracle burp
both times tough waking up, the second spent nursing coffee and observing farts until gd returned from an appointment
the company's "town hall": edifying, not as boring as expected. heavy pushap lunch, nem (i've begun thinking of him as the cowardly lion) being brought in to a discussion he was even less adequate for than usual, managing to sway the jury towards node.js and making good, fast progress before leaving without an umbrella to walk to the metro in rain that stopped just as i arrived

great salad and worst cook (vinnie turns out to be a totally shit person), exhaustion and passing out as soon as possible

friday 13th:

sirence! slow, relaxed waking; palms in the background, sleeping tucked in to my ski jacket on the metro

enjoyable work and good progress
paris attacked
sleep schedules and a great dinner followed by a very unhappy boy

saturday 14th:

a very cold night with the heating not set correctly, too exhausted to hold mr smear, a nightmare of him being left with a group of tourists

introduction to armikrog (so far: awesome!), a long day with a difficult-to-please mr smear, cancelling laser at the last minute, heavy shopping delivered, gd's version of my salad making mine look bad, struggling with's fight pass and then ps3 youtube failure to live streaming (?!?!), setting up a solution and then realizing what a bad idea hosting the evening with a small child is

sunday 15th:

an absolutely relentless mr smear from the moment he opened his eyes; going from supercharged to depleted in a few short hours, enjoying ufc fight pass, rushed chinese take-out and making an effort to get him to nap at 5.30 / 6-ish

monday 16th:

aside from a feed, he slept through to 1am! another feed, an impossible air bubble, then finally getting him back into his crib around 2am
it's a different kind of difficult waking up from a lot more sleep than you're used to, continuing to watch the first season of the ultimate fighter (drawing inspiration to get back into training) and trying to be helpful by volunteering to change mr smear on my way to work, but that backfired as he proceeded to void his bowels and bladder simultaneously when i was just getting ready to put the new diaper on... someone clearly felt that he needed a bath, the big satisfaction being that i'd been correct when anticipating that bathing him the night before would be a mistake...

a day lost to a bad pattern choice, a successful interim code review and discovering that babies r us is out of winter stock and has no plans to order more. it's november, wtf?!

cancelling game night on the way to game night, discovering that the next closest provigo is shutting down before the end of the year

the tail end of a long day with a grouchy, vocal mr smear, managing to get him to sleep a *little* bit earlier than usual

tuesday 17th:

another busy morning, cabin fever rearing its ugly head and leaving an hour late for work

horrible lunch

fortunately making short work of my tasks because the babysitter ran late and gd almost cancelled an important appointment before i told her i was coming home; good thing she eventually arrived because i got stuck in the metro, and also because it gave me an opportunity to accompany gd

a couple of hours watching the next few episodes of the ultimate fighter through virtual fingers as i tried to get mr smear to sleep at a reasonable time, choosing to crash over eating when finally presented with the opportunity

wednesday 18th:

turning a heating disorder into the end of the world and learning about humility, waking up with a stiff neck and leaving for work without breakfast; good pita za'atar and a long day making good progress, although the demo i prepped for never happened

a most disgusting lunch, leaving late with pizza waiting and very little appetite... possibly a good thing as the pizza was absolutely foul - i've never thrown out an entire pizza before.

two or three hours of trying desperately to get mr smear to sleep so that i could take out the trash, shower and brush my teeth before falling over from exhaustion

a big discussion begins about going home

thursday 19th:

3.30am another unnecessary change followed by an hour deconstructing bad expression

waking up dreaming to a seriously uncomfortable little boy, introducing my mother to the aforementioned big discussion, walking out before realizing that my hair looked completely ridiculous

so excited to find thai delight that i forgot to pick up anything else

a long day with an exciting finish: my project's coming in elegantly and under budget, i feel like yelling "look, ma, no hacks" at the rest of the team.

play time, good dinner, the ultimate fighter, tea next to an open window while it was pouring with rain

friday 20th:

early morning reality check, half an hour failing to setup my pc so i could work from home

a phenomenally stupid decision taken by nifty and understanding that it's not my problem*; my concern every time nem opens his mouth that someone might actually believe that he isn't just throwing out buzzwords was allayed by my manager agreeing with me when he learned why my eyeballs were rolling

* although the justification for that decision is that my project failed last quarter, and that only failed because he put assholes on the job and not because the design wasn't good

leaving for the weekend in the middle of a complex refactor, bringing it in with some house music, another evening spent putting mr smear to sleep (10pm, a slight improvement)

saturday 21st:

1am gas struggles, 4am candle failure (dollarama wick surprise, very dangerous) leading to changing mr smear leading to needing to clean his hair again

not getting nearly enough sleep, then overcompensating with coffee and not being able to nap when i got a chance

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