Sunday, July 26, 2015

interesting things seen lately

you don't get to have opinions on facts. you're allowed to have your opinions, but not believing in established reality is not the same thing.

i suspect that google's AI drawing results are not due to the intelligence not perceiving things the way we do, but rather its not expressing them the same way. just because when asked to draw a table i'll go with the minimum lines to get the message across, doesn't mean that that's what's in my head when i think of one. these images seem pretty similar to how i think, at least.

this is a brilliant article on 21st century living

"give ________ a hug?" not by force.

here are forty psychology facts everyone should know.

an interesting point of view on addiction

our position in the galaxy explained simply: this is a really fun read! right until the scary bit about how we might be inviting predator races...

this sounds like a peace prize that's actually deserved: interfaith encounter association

who runs america? the media.

nineteen fun (almost) forgotten english words

global warming: we're setting records, in case you were wondering.

bring on plastic roads!

a new hope: seaweed that can replace bacon could really make a difference to our fight against global warming, droughts and unethical farming. insects might help, too!

a machine that converts plastic into oil seems too good to be commercially available. just like solar-powered planes.

new york city's styrofoam ban is a good model.

new letters added to the genetic alphabet: exciting stuff!

the hard lives of britain's synthetic marijuana addicts - this is scary stuff, even worse than it sounded in the union documentary... there's no reason to synthesize something that's healthy and easy to grow. except greed, and ignorance.

shut up and take my money! stem cell dental implants.

and floating plasma displays are very, very cool too.

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