Monday, July 27, 2015

ethical army

in response to someone deriding the IDF code of ethics:

the sad fact is that they're doing the best they can within the context that they're forced into. what's hard to understand from a non-military / outsider's perspective is that the extent to which the israeli army follows the ethical codes outlined in that little book actually undermines their power and is strategically unsound.

it's not good for the palestinians either way, because if the israelis don't fully suppress the instigating elements (hamas in particular) then they're in trouble, and if the israelis do what needs to be done innocent civilians will be harmed.

ultimately, the region needs an alternative solution. there are plenty of people on both sides of the fence who would welcome a real solution and would love to just get on with their lives, but fear really does control everything which is why netanyahu kept his position in the last elections and why the palestinians let the terrorists run everything. most israelis are tired of fighting, and most palestinians are tired of subjugation (they're suffering infinitely more because of hamas than they are because of israel, but they're not allowed to admit it).

the biggest difference we can make from the outside is to stop picking sides and start thinking about ways forward, because i promise you no solutions are going to come from within. and there will never be a solution if everyone keeps blaming israel or the palestinians for the crazy and horrible events that continue to take place on a daily basis.

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