Monday, June 01, 2015


i'm standing here in front of my computer on a massage ball that's really hurting my feet which is far preferable to lying in bed trying to rest while my feet and legs ache as they've been for the past few days. i'm tired, we had a long day, i managed to get *some* things done but i'm uncomfortable that tomorrow's monday already and i really don't feel rested at all. it didn't help that i was irritable all day with no good reason.



this morning was a surprisingly cold morning, i'm actually standing here in a sweater right now.
landlord anger: our landlord has not been fulfilling his obligations. after a week of ignoring us and two phone calls this weekend, he called back this morning and promised to come in on friday. we're calling the rental board tomorrow morning to make sure of our rights in case he doesn't.
getting shit done, in particular sorting out our online banking account that we opened months ago and promptly forgot about. what's cool is that we actually have a use for it now that we're getting ourselves out of credit card debt and pooling our resources.

gardening fails, a trip to home depot, then a walk to aubut, and on the walk back i had an epiphany regarding mixing capitalism and socialism that i hope will lead to something beautiful. i then did the regular shopping, came home to gd's delicious burgers and tried to rest afterwards.

overall, today's "ugh" factor hit around a 7.

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