Monday, June 22, 2015

comedy and tragedy

more than a week since my last update...

last saturday:

an interesting haircut, french practice, leaving very slowly, a beautiful sunny day is tough for someone trying to avoid tanning, le rose de lima lunch, a walk to find soap bases (not found), a charming elderly black new yorker keeping us in direct sunlight, metro home, chilling on our balcony and engaging in a serious session of napping.

followed by shopping, raging over a sick supermarket packer, abe's odyssey and some more very serious napping. that was followed by a lazy night of not-much.

last sunday:

a relaxing start, shadowrun: dragonfall goodness
gorgeous day, godmother coffee with feet in the sun

sandpapering the balcony until my fingertips became like the sandpaper, satisfying results but a lot of work and only halfway through

a fair amount of shadowrun, which was very cool, a long chat with my mom, making an awesome dinner, falling asleep to jen kirkman: i'm gonna die alone which is brilliant

last monday:

rls and a frustrating night's sleep, waking up to miserable weather

vomit in the metro, a morning full of bugs. lunchtime shadowrun fan club.

nem being such a complete asshole that i had to restrain myself from smashing him in the mouth with my coffee mug.

so visibly tired that i got kicked out of the office, and started saying something inappropriate before being rescued by my manager being picked up, giving me time to think about what i needed to say.

shadowrun: dragonfall while gd slept, refusing to negotiate the price of my boxing gloves and speaking to a potential illustrator

pregnancy and nutrition: it's a good idea to get the latter sorted before the former.



introducing a doctor to, pay day machinations
finally deploying with minor issues, good feedback from my managers, a solid hour's run, a hot shower and sweating in the office, an afternoon broken down into a jumbled assortment of tasks and attempting to learn something about query optimizations, leaving later than planned but overall feeling a lot more relaxed about everything

take out and sense8 and finding a half-price second-hand lumo.

bethesda's fallout shelter is stupidly addictive. it's brilliant, which is precisely what i'd expect from them and which is also precisely the problem.


waking up early and well, french lessons
a relaxed day, defeating bureaucracy and transitioning my team into proper agile

nem making an ass of himself publicly while i spent the afternoon learning how he's basically made himself the gatekeeper for our team's logging systems but isn't capable of understanding them.
putting the pieces together, i understand that he's only working this job to have a stable income while his other projects mature: he's not competent enough to keep the job as a developer, so he's positioned himself (by lying) as a manager. this was working right until we got a good look at the systems, but even though we know he's a liability we can't get rid of him until we find a replacement.

there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of having "his guys" coming to thank me for the procedural fixes i've been introducing.

i've seen nifty's second page for my comics, and i am EXCITED ^_^

boxing coach out of commission, two of us drilled hard. i hit the hard bags with the gloves i was trying to sell after giving up on selling them.

a very long night with very little sleep: i'm not good at dealing with pregnancy emotions


lucid nightmares, a low morning that almost scored its own sick day.
office politics, driving hard and finishing well (but too late to deploy)
taking my manager to pushap for lunch.

quiet evening, sense8 and going to bed early.


a morning shaped by puscifer and a perfect circle, walking out to the trauma of body paint costs (seriously: $150 to cover yourself in a colour? what planet are we living on?!)

a beautiful t-shirt day at 13 degrees

starting my day being sought out by the data science team's lead to congratulate me on a clever fix.
over-complicated photo shoot timing.
a long afternoon upgrading my mysql expertise.


i was feeling pretty good about myself, having made the effort to hit the gym and finding my groove on the treadmill, when i saw a man in a bjj gi get off the mats and hop all around the octagon. damn, i thought, there's not much more frustrating than getting injured during training - what a bummer!
then he got around to my side and i realized that he's actually missing a leg and was just getting some water.

well, that certainly puts my achievements today in perspective.


engaging weekend mode and skipping the class that wasn't being taught anyway, slovenia awkwardness all the way home and then returning to find inappropriate mail in our mailbox which has taught us that gd's ex does not understand boundaries.

he will not be messing with *my* family.


waking up to finishing the previous evening's story, trying to get upbeat before our photo shoot, almost failing when running stupidly late and having hot coffee explode all over me.
a fascinating shoot, wasp protection, walking painted in public.
showering, good israeli music, p.m. for an awesome late lunch, exhaustion and too much sun on the way home
the mortal kombat movie in lieu of napping, terrible writing but great fun
introducing gd to high fidelity

thought for the day: "i can't believe i finished all that sezchuan tofu... and now there's no more sezchuan tofu..."

very painful rls

watching the 2013 documentary the ghost army. holy crap! bradley cooper, you don't need to give this story the hollywood treatment to make it riveting. it's completely absurd and intriguing without adding the usual tired tropes.


a nightmare: being chased by jehovah's witnesses who attacked me from a white golf, remembering only a partial license plate, trying to report the incident and being laughed at

an awesomely slow morning, shadowrun: dragonfall brilliance, pharmacy lunch mission
the cobbler (mostly fun but shitty characters)
the last episode of sense8 season 1: is that it?! great series so far.

this morning:

password control, phone call frustrations

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