Thursday, May 07, 2015

going uphill


rough start and gd tax filing fails, leaving late
a long day of not getting my top priority done, my israeli teammate being a right prat, lots of knowledge transfers while feeling under the weather, good fluxx break and filing my taxes

home in the cool rain for a night spent getting the hang of shadowrun: it's a steep learning curve but we eventually got through a combat turn that was pretty interesting. house rule: movement pace is halved, more than twenty-five metres in a three-second turn is olympian, and olympic sprinters are doing nothing but focusing on movement

gd and i crashing early, both feeling crap


what a horrible, horrible morning. rushing to finish filing gd's taxes, fighting with and about hydro quebec screwing us over. getting in to work and feeling obligated to share shitty information with my manager that he was already aware of. still no time for my priority work, feeling a bit like my old company...

running off midday to complete and send off gd's tax return, returning to work late for an afternoon of firefighting and watching a train-wreck of my ex-manager defending his pride vs actually getting shit done
staying late, minor advances and clocking hours

quick chat with my sister, getting to bed early


intriguing dreaming, investigating marriage options and hoping that my registered status is correct, spilling coffee on the ipad

post-meeting: being called out for "strutting" by a man whose primary mode of locomotion is "slithering"

an afternoon spent... doing mostly forgettable things, staying late to spend a couple of hours on the job i was *meant* to be doing

back home, shopping and dog-walking, discomfort moving from back to chest

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