Saturday, May 23, 2015

falling over


laundry fails on top of gd's ex not coming to pick up the dog


not nearly enough sleep 
bureaucratic wins
long meetings needing to pee
good fluxx, then a meeting to help my new junior
rushing to see the dentist. trying hard to stay awake. my crown can wait but my broken incisor needed fixing; a decent job, but i'm left with a sharp edge that i can't stop obsessing over...
chatting with my mom and then with godmother
trying not to look like a rat until my nostrils were no longer anaesthetized
leaving that extra half an hour later than late because i'm not familiar with doctrine's shenanigans

absolutely wasted, slow motion cooking and then too tired to eat more than half


deep sleep
still tired on waking, a bit chilly too - skipping training and hoping it's for nothing
team name suggestions making me laugh out loud on the metro
a good morning, a decent comic session, a long afternoon of meetings
not getting *my* work done, but getting stuck in to the team's big battle to my new manager's delight... and suddenly it was 21:15 and i'd made up a whole bunch more hours than i'd planned.

unrecycling and hoping nobody gets fined. the previous night's dinner and forgetting i needed to go to the store. almost depositing a cheque with my mobile but stopping due to a confusing clause.

going to bed early: not as tired as wednesday, but still pretty tired.


starting the day right, including the discovery of our dark and dangerous back stairs and buying shadowrun: dragonfall - director's cut on a steam sale

another cold day.
cashing the cheque in good spirits.


what too many people don't seem to realize is that the use of cologne and perfume requires a certain level of subtlety. when you're a little too liberal the smell of the faeces they make it with becomes dominant.

also, there's a special, very small room in hell reserved for all the people who put on cologne or perfume when in confined public spaces.


a long (as in, overtime long) day that began with hours debating yesterday's proposal and finished with hours of debating documents and projections for the next quarter.

leaving work and hearing how our apartment building's falling apart. seriously ready for the weekend!

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