Wednesday, April 22, 2015

how many chucks


shopping drag, copper branch delivers! watchmen and learning that gd's officially divorced!


early to bed, waking up two minutes before my alarm with adrenaline pumping through my veins after dreaming of getting in a fight with a bunch of asshole teenagers playing "bad boys" out of their parked convertible
french practice, a long, boring day confused by talk of role-switching, good cthulu fluxx for lunch and an evening of shadowrun character creation amidst a gathering of magic players

dog on the bed, two exhausted


positive green meeting in spite of mr transparency's admission
running until dizzy, epically failing to bring clean underwear
star fluxx and desperately eating a LOT of food
intro to the new system i'll be working on -

painfully slow progress, glad to see the end of the workday. coming home to put up gd's work mirror. the only way to learn that the drill you thought had a keyless chuck actually needs a key... is the hard way.

atari: game over is beautiful.

it's israel's day of remembrance: as unhappy as i am with how israel's being run, how it's handling its neighbours and its citizens, the more time passes the clearer it becomes how much we still desperately need our homeland, and desperately need to defend ourselves as a nation from antisemitism that only grows stronger and more insidious. i continue to pray that the horrific number of soldiers who've died defending our country and our people will never have been in vain; and hope against hope that we'll see peace in our time.

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