Thursday, March 05, 2015

a painful move and a long week


copper branch with vfmp, shake powder run and coffee - dizzy and tired and an uncomfortable moment of tacitly agreeing to leave an understanding unsaid

feeling like shit, lying down and then greeting gd with a difficult conversation that resolved a few important issues

an evening of packing and self care. and freaking out about not having packed in time, and a rushed, highly successful mission to steal a fat stack of newspapers from the metro


early up to move
vacuum weight training , -15 and overheating 
a knot of cables
indoor slush, frantic confusion, a nightmare whirlwind of good spirits, scrapes and bruises, hormonal stress and a neighbour antagonizing gd's 6'11" brother and his hired hand who're serious brawlers

i'm quite pleased with myself for the kind of shit i can carry

desperately needing the pizza and a proper break... the BEST nap but very short. returning with gd for the bathroom, then returning alone a few more times.

the mind-bogglingly bad decisions gd's brother made while helping us pack (not only did we start too late but our old apartment is so small that we ran out of space after three boxes)

the curious incident of the shelf foot lost in the snow in the nighttime - calling gd to help me identify a possible match, giving up and the finding it two meters further on.


after almost 18 straight hours of physically demanding effort and high stress (not including the previous night's frantic last-minute newspaper stack stealing and packing), i was surprised to put myself to bed in our new bedroom around 1.30am feeling exhausted, but otherwise pretty darned good.

i got up six hours later in the body of a geriatric. with little strength, a sore everything and a slight shake. just in time to meet my new team at work. happy monday!


finishing why men don't listen and women can't read maps, which should be updated and then be set as mandatory reading in every junior high / high school on the planet

a buyer for my bluetooth keyboard, a super-awkward interview with two potential managers vying for me

finishing minimum requirements, being kicked out early, a walmart run in gorgeous post-snowglobe weather, a bookshelf purchase and urgent pizza and a nap so great i woke up stoned

quick shopping (a successful draino experience), and being overwhelmed by the amount of crazy shit in my news feed, from the horrific photos of the fire in cape town to ISIS pulling off a real-life titus andronicus moment by feeding a hostage to his mother, from a weasel on the back of a flying woodpecker to a man freaking out and attacking his whole office...

facebook survey irony


fresnaye dreams, back in the house i grew up in; my uncle cooking and his guest leaving the toilet in a sickening state, k-twang around but we're avoiding each other and then meeting a strange family on a lawn where our backyard used to be.
getting on a shuttle flight with a torn ticket, huddled in a small cabin. wire's in front, hands me a giant sketch book he's been scribbling in and invites me to collaborate - i complete a crappy but readable comic strip and then learn that the book belongs to the girl next to him and she didn't authorize anyone touching it, she's mortified and the rest of the cabin (including my team's QA guy, though his eyes are tiny green emeralds set inches deep into his face) jump on me. i wake up moments before my alarm goes off.

there's a 24 hour stompie hotline, cape town? use it!

i love our shower, i don't love that we're not yet ready to make breakfast but gd's got friends coming to help out today [or not]. stepping out into a brilliant sunny morning still yawning but looking forward to the day.

back to bash scripting, and then delving deep into apache territory. it looks like at least half of my new position is going to be fun and challenging and not at all what i signed up for

an evening of shopping, simmering, step-by-step unpacking


going to bed in a blackout, jumbled dreams, cracking open the window to combat the extreme dryness

DAMN. i've never been so relieved to see so many status updates about rain before... i pray it's enough! [it wasn't]

some morning frustrations, but a great start to the workday. presenting our manager with his "beloved tyrant" shirt in front of the boss (for whom we had nothing) was pretty awkward. even more so when he said "*i* didn't get a shirt", so now we're ordering him a personalized thong.

a long, tough afternoon chasing my tail and growing more and more tired by the minute 

1. lessons from why men don't listen and women can't read maps might have been absorbed mentally but they're not so easily put into practice
2. purim sameach: reading bible stories to gd
3. titan ae

and passing out early, in spite of really bad rls


waking up to brush teeth, then flop back down into long, strange dreams

no need to rush every morning

half moving desks

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