Saturday, February 28, 2015

event horizons - part i

the rest of sunday:

mostly resting, a lot of grinding through stupid security issues with openshift (but i'm finally ready to get started) and a great haircut.


it's tough to get enough sleep when you can't breathe properly
a morning full of fail - backing up my keepass db but not realizing i had a key file attached... which was also backed up! but not with the correct name, so we wasted two hours trying to find it.

very serious pirate fluxx

pc speaker fail: checking out midnight rescue, putting on my headphones and only realizing a minute later that i was actually hearing the sound considerably softer than everyone else.
major vm networking fail wasting hours that i simply didn't have

braindead in front of the telly, trying out shitty comedians (notably, snoop dogg's female comedian special started so badly we couldn't bear to continue) before finding a not-bad [oh, crap. thanks netflix for no longer showing what i've recently viewed] [oh, jay mohr - funny for a girl], the stepdog shedding sticky-roller fail

the itch! this healing is taking ridiculously long...

an asshole who wants to buy the bluetooth keyboard i've been trying to sell for ages motivated me to get my sms relay operational. i have a feeling that after the moving stress of [this] weekend i'll be grinding out some real progress.


gd and i both slept better, but i woke up a few times from disturbing dreams with an unsettling internal shiver that might well be anxiety. in the morning, i saw the face of cabin fever and understood why so many montrealers commit suicide at the end of winter... climate change is making the winters destabilizingly erratic and pushing them further back year by year, and when all you want is spring it just seems like the universe is teasing you. meanwhile, i haven't been snowboarding enough so i want more winter which infuriates everyone, and i actually had to remove my gloves for a minute in -19 weather to prevent overheating...


thought for the day: even if electronic cigarettes are harmful (all the evidence being to the contrary), they're significantly *less* harmful than smoking tobacco. if you take the "follow the money " approach to things, the only people who would benefit from smokers staying with tobacco due to safety concerns are the tobacco companies, who we all know are *completely* ethical and honest in all their dealings. playing the "better the devil you know" card is a cheap ploy.


more upgrade frustrations, no development until the afternoon. a very controlled run to walmart, more an excuse for a walk and fresh air than anything. great fluxx, then finally sorting my computer out (more or less) around 3pm, then over five straight hours making significant progress in three different directions but not doing nearly enough to rescue my sprint. leaving around 8.30 with a mixed sense of satisfaction and doom.


lots of strange dreams that i can't recall, a super slow wakeup.

thought for the morning: western women have every right to be freaked out by hijabs, they're used as part of the suppression of femininity and it's incompatible with western values. i saw a bit of honor diaries the other day: if you can accept that kind of shit (genital mutilation, child brides, honor killings etc.), there's something deeply wrong with you. if you think it's okay because it's cultural, then your culture's gotta go. or maybe "gotta grow". i guess that'd be good too.

sorting out the mess, but learning that our team's being collectively punished for the loss of productivity caused by my upgrade... later learning that that wasn't the real reason, there was a restructure looming - suddenly i found myself urgently trying to sort out official vacation authorization

mind-melting debugging attempt that dragged out until the end of the day

mortified nation is inspiring, intriguing and cathartic.

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