Saturday, February 21, 2015

con-end drum

sleeping well, being woken up half an hour before my alarm to a whispered worry (fortunately, it looks like we'll be fine but our finances are a little tight this week)

a very, very cold morning and it only took one asshole taxi driver to ruin it by ignoring his instructions and simply not picking us up... and of course, i got on the metro just as it broke down. and then later received a call from the taxi rank to inform me that the guy who finally picked us up needed to be paid because he couldn't accept credit... 2015, no? at least gd handled it.

lunch vegan confusion forcing me to speak french

a talk on bootstrap because there wasn't anything more interesting, a really interesting talk about unit testing, then a "for me" talk about game dev: a bit disappointing, and the man behind me who wasn't listening but was coughing a lot really irritated the shit out of me

elementaryOS impressed

rushing home, shopping on the way

an evening of christopher titus - man, that dude has fantastic payoffs! - and the intense agony of thirteen slowly healing nevii excisions. no, tiger balm is *not* good for the band-aid irritation. oh! gd's right, it *says* not to use it on irritated skin.

realizing just before getting into bed that i actually can't afford to snowboard this weekend, which is fine because i have a list of other stuff to do. and sleeping late is on that list.

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