Friday, February 13, 2015

bandaids on the retrograde


godzilla! most of it, but we were both too tired to continue


a long night's sleep, BBM morning and slowly getting up, chatting with mom and reading

resting (kind of) in front of mankind
rabbi visit, art supplies and animal abuse: a dog tied to a pole in a -15 degree blizzard is animal abuse - and of course, 911 doesn't respond and 311 takes an hour to. we unfortunately didn't catch the asshole responsible because they left as we went inside to call, but it's nice to know we weren't the only passers-by making an effort. whoever can do this to another living being deserves a slow, painful death.

supermarket shopping and gd's homemade veggie burgers ftw, a little more godzilla, then picking up a friend of gd's and meeting another at p.m. for an evening of excessive, entertaining talk and even more excessive eating.

a few episodes of that 70's show, inspiration causing me to stay up until 1.30am researching open-source peer-to-peer social networks and locating an unavailable album (aphrodite's child - 666) that someone stole from gd many years ago


snuggling on a cold monday morning to build up the willpower to get out of bed, starting the day with an a perfect circle aphrodite's child power combo and gearing up for a run at the gym

a long day of struggling to get basic shit done, ending on a bittersweet note. the half hour run at lunch was great, though, even if its main focus was good form

sweet potatoes and superhumans
comic publishing and bits of a weird movie and stretching and getting to bed...


... *relatively* early. my left knee feeling slightly stiff.

nightmare fleeing from a little murderous brat with insane engineering skills, a mobile minigun and a bunch of thugs - i'm sensing a persecution theme

dragging myself out of bed for garbage day, spending a great morning with gd and getting excited about trying out shadowrun with her

arriving on time for a long day, somewhat unfocused but making strides even if they weren't in line with our sprint objectives, big junior laughing at me wasting time due to shitty environmental variables out of my control, leaving quite late


i need a word that describes with sufficient venom the exasperation caused by supermarket managers who don't order stock according to its popularity; something that succinctly sums up the experience of living within ten minutes' walk of three large supermarkets that don't stock (or consistently fail to stock enough of) what we want (or reasonable alternatives) and taking a metro after a long day to an area with three different supermarkets, all of which are either sporting empty shelves or a distinct lack of "health-food" items that aren't stuffed with cheese or meat.

the fact that the staff everywhere seem to agree that the situation is ridiculous but simply shrug helplessly is only icing on the cake. which i'm starting to be sure they wouldn't stock if we were into that sort of thing.


ramen? ra-men! a honey badger documentary, some meh superhumans and an early night exhausted


cold shivers irritation, mostly restless
a facebook feed disturbance forced me to read a long status in good hebrew that irritated the crap out of me until the payoff

metro with gd, a shitty day filled with frustrating IT bullshit and big junior being a jerk with a smile on his face

solid boxing class, finishing hard and feeling good, a great night going by too quickly (but time for an awesome quinoa dinner and jim jeffries being a right bastard and uncomfortably hilarious)


getting to bed late, lots of forgotten dreams but ending with obscure matt groening style cartoons while gd made me seriously over-snooze again (i regret nothing!), at 9am sharp they switched to random koalas waving noncommittally

rushed morning, but starting off on the right foot a) by deciding to win no matter what and b) by finally getting my dev environment sorted out; the early afternoon was spent in a flurry of renewed enthusiasm as results poured in

the sudden, dark realization that i'm going for a private consultation at the dermatologist and that's probably going to cost me when i really don't have cash available 

still not used to taking boots off in offices... quite embarrassing...

super efficient, expensive laser mole removal but the doctor gave me a good deal and took off twelve instead of just the one i'd come for

pacing in a snowstorm chatting with my mom, shopping with my mouth full, lazing with gd in front of that 70's show

and feeling guilty about it. now... to friday!!!

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