Sunday, January 25, 2015

creeping out of the funk


frozen garbage and stepdog giving us the run-around for forty five minutes in -25 weather, i bailed because my gloves weren't warm enough and i wasn't dressed properly 

a generally tough morning, mostly successful day though i offended saskwatch on the way and accidentally went behind my manager's back...

good boss chat post ergonomic triumph, apparently the guys i met with earlier asked if i'd like to join their team :)

super tired and only getting more tired, slow learning interrupted by a shopping trip to walmart where i picked up important stuff but couldn't find what i went for

p.m. deep apology, resting, [singing], winning two gamers vs evil games at once, comic publishing taking forever, 


late into bed, a good sleep and a quick wakeup
i need to leave for work before 9.30am, so at 9.45 standing at the door watching helplessly as an epic disaster the size of an eyelash unfolds was paralyzingly distressing

mostly relaxed day
sudden painful just-behind-the-eye flare that made me cry but went away as fast as it started

a slow late afternoon leading into the ugliest phone call with gd, an angry metro ride and a painful-yet-revelatory discussion

a great conference call with kgb and co in lieu of our cancelled plans


going to bed early to be up at 6.30, but waking up an hour later with painful rls and the idea of pepper in my inner ear

omg 6.30 is a terrible time to get out of bed

gd's not the only one to shout at shitty drivers, fortunately my asshole had his window partially open at 7.20am and -15 in the morning, he just sailed through the pedestrian crossing i was halfway across after having looked me in the eyes for a good five seconds - that happened again yesterday with an old bastard

arriving just before the osteopath, a half hour well spent and some really tough exercises for someone who can't sense when his neck's straight

early to work, having fun although my head was spinning a bit from sleep deprivation

looooong lunch followed by a looooong afternoon of mind bending combinations of puzzle pieces 
all-hands meeting against the rumour mill, but i'm confident i've got nothing to stress about

final minutes of the day engaged in elevator logic

tension at home, tiredness and elevator logic

followed by finally announcing to the world that we're pregnant. i'm pleased and proud and excited to be making the announcement! but i wasn't so comfortable with the way of it...

a quiet night as early as we could make it, almost enough sleep before i went and said something stupid which received a heavy response and i think i might just have learned something important about myself and my responses that I desperately need to correct

distracted at work, also by the fact that i was operating redis with my head in the wrong paradigm: my manager becomes my teacher for a moment
good company lunch with newk'd, who's suffering bedbugs so gd and i had a whole research and panic thing when i got home

full shopping expedition on my way home

shutting down for a monologue 
our first friday night candle-lighting
dinner and heroes


sleeping in, getting things done, announcing to my toronto cousins

don't be cat. be more dog.

a long mall afternoon with vfmp including some writing, then picking up gd and discussing sibling addictions and getting home and showering and shopping

a passively rough night that eventually got better

today so far:

finally getting out of bed to a chat with my mom, then rushing off to the pharmacy and returning for second sunday coffee

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