Saturday, January 31, 2015

bronchitosaurus rex


why the fuck are the supermarkets empty on a sunday???
serious shopping disaster rush 
kgb and co visit for a lovely afternoon - their baby is super-cute!
a quick walkabout to get apartment numbers and real winter mittens
horseman visit media swap
a quiet evening including stretching and developing a cough


rough night, calling in sick
late start but feeling a bit better, apartment hunting with an offensively pushy, racist punjabi
sleeping on the couch
shopping, amazing sammich time and a good talk with SxS


a shitty night turning into the shittiest, eventually getting my words right and not being able to figure out how

insane, creepy nightmares ending with lots of spiders on power cables

a better morning, but a late, hurried start; taking gym gear even with a tender neck

45 minutes on the elliptical, not certain if that aggravated my neck or not
good afternoon progress

my first performance review: raise! bonus! and very grateful to my manager for bringing the evaluation forward or i would only have been able to receive the increase from 2016. it's nice to be called a "key player" and to be hinted at to start acting like a lead

awesome apartment viewing
shopping fails and second night of great homemade dinners

sudden exhaustion


dragging myself to bed through a mandatory shower
midnight toilet time wasting but very real sinus / chest issue and indigestion 

waking up early after a short difficult night but getting into the groove easily (minus being sad to learn that a cousin passed away on tuesday)
a pleasantly smooth passport release mission in spite of a shitty taxi driver and not enough chairs

forgotten medical aid card, a good day at work with a delicious lunch and a good couple of games of lunch money with hac

an evening of slowly doing all the things that *should* be routine


not a bad night, waking up to a serious purge
rushing to pick up gd's health insurance card before rushing off to renew mine, squeezing into a stalled metro car and being grateful for such a short delay

incredibly short, efficient and pleasant passport canada experience, only soured by having forgotten my $@&%#ING passport at home which i needed for the next stop

returning home through sheepish crowds, some of whom for which a special place in hell *must* be reserved 

super-smooth health insurance renewal followed by paranormal disturbances in the metro
keeping my coughing under control the whole morning until entering a crowded car where something triggered a fit

newk'd walking out on his girlfriend disgracefully + public fallout

triggering gd's wrath while trying to reassure her about sunday's slam, being rescued by "be more dog"

drawn out design discussions

a crazy blizzard, a good evening, finally finishing heroes, publishing *something*. heroes: i'm not sorry i watched it, the story was good overall although the writing was absolutely infuriating most of the time.


great, slow morning
lunch money break, great with two more players
telling some of the team about the pregnancy
making tangible progress!

todd glass is great

this morning so far:

getting to bed late, waking up tough due to shallow breathing and forcing myself like a yoga exercise

gd wardrobe fail, preparing for laser treatment

Sunday, January 25, 2015

creeping out of the funk


frozen garbage and stepdog giving us the run-around for forty five minutes in -25 weather, i bailed because my gloves weren't warm enough and i wasn't dressed properly 

a generally tough morning, mostly successful day though i offended saskwatch on the way and accidentally went behind my manager's back...

good boss chat post ergonomic triumph, apparently the guys i met with earlier asked if i'd like to join their team :)

super tired and only getting more tired, slow learning interrupted by a shopping trip to walmart where i picked up important stuff but couldn't find what i went for

p.m. deep apology, resting, [singing], winning two gamers vs evil games at once, comic publishing taking forever, 


late into bed, a good sleep and a quick wakeup
i need to leave for work before 9.30am, so at 9.45 standing at the door watching helplessly as an epic disaster the size of an eyelash unfolds was paralyzingly distressing

mostly relaxed day
sudden painful just-behind-the-eye flare that made me cry but went away as fast as it started

a slow late afternoon leading into the ugliest phone call with gd, an angry metro ride and a painful-yet-revelatory discussion

a great conference call with kgb and co in lieu of our cancelled plans


going to bed early to be up at 6.30, but waking up an hour later with painful rls and the idea of pepper in my inner ear

omg 6.30 is a terrible time to get out of bed

gd's not the only one to shout at shitty drivers, fortunately my asshole had his window partially open at 7.20am and -15 in the morning, he just sailed through the pedestrian crossing i was halfway across after having looked me in the eyes for a good five seconds - that happened again yesterday with an old bastard

arriving just before the osteopath, a half hour well spent and some really tough exercises for someone who can't sense when his neck's straight

early to work, having fun although my head was spinning a bit from sleep deprivation

looooong lunch followed by a looooong afternoon of mind bending combinations of puzzle pieces 
all-hands meeting against the rumour mill, but i'm confident i've got nothing to stress about

final minutes of the day engaged in elevator logic

tension at home, tiredness and elevator logic

followed by finally announcing to the world that we're pregnant. i'm pleased and proud and excited to be making the announcement! but i wasn't so comfortable with the way of it...

a quiet night as early as we could make it, almost enough sleep before i went and said something stupid which received a heavy response and i think i might just have learned something important about myself and my responses that I desperately need to correct

distracted at work, also by the fact that i was operating redis with my head in the wrong paradigm: my manager becomes my teacher for a moment
good company lunch with newk'd, who's suffering bedbugs so gd and i had a whole research and panic thing when i got home

full shopping expedition on my way home

shutting down for a monologue 
our first friday night candle-lighting
dinner and heroes


sleeping in, getting things done, announcing to my toronto cousins

don't be cat. be more dog.

a long mall afternoon with vfmp including some writing, then picking up gd and discussing sibling addictions and getting home and showering and shopping

a passively rough night that eventually got better

today so far:

finally getting out of bed to a chat with my mom, then rushing off to the pharmacy and returning for second sunday coffee

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

in the teeth

i got up stupid early for 2.5 hours of x-rays, painful cleaning (success! she found the cracked filling that was hiding last dentist visit), and the news that i'm gonna need a crown. also, tough communication problems with the receptionist.

a day of meetings and dev env frustrations, but finally gaining an understanding of the finer points of my present tasks was soooo satisfying!

home - dog walk - box kick intensity - p.m. failure explosion - cleanup - extra long heroes - freezing rushed dog walk

pure exhaustion and disappointment after a long day and going to bed looking forward to a garbage day wakeup

Monday, January 19, 2015



positive morning including IT presence effect

[high heart rate and everything going swimmingly]

snv fries much needed, a motivated evening but hurting my neck a little, returning home to a delicious meal and good massage therapy for both of us

our laughing interfering with our stretching


a decent night's sleep and relaxed morning watching gd rush out to her first proper day at her new work, it's now totally clear that we need to find a bigger place soon

it's exciting to get the hang of a new framework (symfony / silex / doctrine) and almost fully complete a production-ready deliverable that was supposed to be a simple proof of concept

starting a late lunch with the realization that i'd left my frozen dinner in my bag

intro to terraria - pretty damn cool.

an afternoon of uncovering flash mysteries, figuring out a protocol design issue that i should've thought of last quarter, and stressing over a Big Talk with godmother that needed to happen

my old provigo's death throes and dangerous ice on the way

the Big Talk preparation

the machine - gorgeous, in spite of some dodgy writing


sleeping late and dreaming lots and lots of fascinatingly weird dreams, very tired but getting up for laundry and some shopping
arriving at the entrance to the first store just as godmother called to invite me for lunch

the Big Talk - uncomfortable, but okay i guess. i wish i hadn't forgotten to mention uncle hate, otherwise i said all i had to say and listened to what she had to say and i'm happy that there's going to be a next step

shopping, perfect timing, huge awesome p.m. dinner, taxi driver double-bash, mom chat, heroessnowpiercer (awesome) interrupted by a disturbing argument that turned into a comforting and intimate discussion 


superpoopers and late sleepers
loads of talking and alexis neon on a warmish winter's day
copper branch mushroom fail
horseman coffee through to the evening with good tekken and great conversations 
ghost rider interrupted by raging over facebook troll

this morning:

definitely not enough sleep.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

spasms and ticks

sunday night ended with too much heroes, finishing season three and hopefully the last of the shamefully bad writing [nope]

sleepy morning (sudden lego excitement) and discovering that big junior had been the opposite of thorough and i almost missed important stuff because i relied on his documentation.

dentist receptionist *really* doesn't speak any english

starbucks hack! the brown maple sugar that they use for oatmeal works REALLY well in a latte

the smell of cheese makes me queasy
terraria fails
ömg eye-shutting exhaustion even before an hour-long boring meeting

neck and back dull pain frustration, getting progressively worse until distracting and aggravating. finally making some flash progress

a not-particularly-good evening followed by


an absolutely horrible night, neck and dreams (stabbing an old friend in self-defence and then being set up as a drug dealer to pay for no charges being filed)
add to that garbage day and a power outage

feeling kind-of up for work but only managing half an hour before the discomfort became unbearable

returning home desperately stretching my neck - it's really hard work when you're hurting - and being forced into bed by gd where i'd spent a couple of hours lying super-carefully until it was time for my urgent osteopath appointment

that woman is a miracle worker. still hurting but actually manageable

homeless dude throwing his crutches down the stairs had me literally risking my neck to help him, i wanted to beat him with the damn thing when i realized it was intentional

an evening of comics, leftovers, heroesstrip search


a long night sleeping on my back to stretch my neck, feeling better until work and degrading rapidly, but feeling more sick than sore

working through it instead of taking another day, feeling alright by the end of it and having at least achieved something

short mom chat and quick cold shopping, lots of dishes and veggie burgers and heroes


slightly easier night, smooth morning, getting into work less late than the rest of the week and feeling oxygen starved again

Monday, January 12, 2015



back in feudal japan, my second time in the emperor's gymnasium's yard with his son where we'd been defeated previously by sorcerers (one an elephant in human form). my alarm woke me just as we were positioning ourselves in a way we hoped would give us a chance this time around.

the gymnasium was absolutely beautiful, but i didn't have time to take photos and that saddened me because the last time the sorcerers torched the building...

a great morning right until the point where i made an inappropriate joke that made gd feel bad, and while i apologized immediately i only thought of what i *should* have said just before reaching the metro. it would have to wait until evening, but that fortunately was fine

a strange day at work, good german office collaboration and making myself legally useful 
loads of centos hassles but eventually figuring things out

arriving a bit late for kickboxing, doing a really good class and handling just fine until the crazy lunges exercise after which my bum and thighs locked up - forcing me to stretch after conditioning, which i guess is a good thing

gd panic about hydro quebec screwing us over just as winter's getting going... it's probably because i did some budget calculations on thursday and determined that we could finally manage a trip to see my family :/

bad eating and getting things off our chests.
do i live in the past? as long as i'm functional (and present) in the present and managing my future, is remembering a lot of stuff not normal and healthy?

the problem with ice cream before bed is having to brush away the aftertaste


late sleep-in, lunge-legs still sore and stiff, a very good chilled morning, beautiful, beautiful weather promising snowboarding glory

slow-minded morning, long lunch unable to decide what to do with my brain... researching hydro quebec's new metres is incredibly frustrating, turns out they no more dangerous than wifi routers and that their accuracy is highly questionable

slow and steady progress but entirely friday motivated

back home for a shopping mission, the rest of john dies at the end and two unfortunate incidents to highlight how much effort i need to put into fixing how i respond to certain things


a long night, a short sleep and a very sore post-squats bum on waking
good hustle to get ready, being joined by the heavy-smelling village drunk on my way into the metro who "blessed" me moments before i almost took a tumble on the ice outside the station

falling asleep on my feet in line for the bus, crashing for an hour then uncomfortably dozing for the next forty five minutes 

good start but f%#$&ing $10 locker stupidity 
at least it was a beautiful day.
napping after lunch in the cafeteria
stunning early afternoon and discovering two new trails at avila

the #jesuis stuff: charlie, juif and ahmed

gorgeous last runs but ending with a neck spasm :(
macdonald's and more french practice with patrick senécal -
bus ride with no-headphones-man and coughboy
gd's brother's visit with gifts
great dinner, crashing heavily on the couch and waking up to a weird hunger and a sore tooth


good rest, late sleep
amazing copper branch breakfast and shopping
haircut and shopping
"whoremoans" made us laugh hysterically, otherwise we might have cried. one of us, at least.

delicious dinner and flight of the conchords

Thursday, January 08, 2015

slippery when wet


real freezing rain. okay, montreal, i get the whole freezing rain thing now. it's beautiful. it's terrible. it's enough. let's go back to snow, huh? it's january already anyway... you shouldn't be warm enough to rain.

exhaustion, napping and braindead all day
skipping the slam, finishing braid. incredible mechanics, but while the story is intriguing for the most part it's not satisfying and doesn't really do the game much justice


sleeping in
screwing up my israeli bank access and after fifteen minutes on the phone understanding that there's nothing i can do about it except bother pg

slippery ice, freaky scary but great core workout!

big coughing day at work and in the gym - trying not to get sick

relaxed and positive day

men's locker room switch inconvenience 
hard training but feeling pretty good for not having been in a while 

super dry hands
sliding home to mozartvitalic, a huge dinner and comics while feeling super-good after training 


hac taking a sick day after i made him feel guilty about bringing his cough to the office

early morning emergency lucky charms run / slip 'n slide
a great morning coffee, then a rush to work

overall, a fine day. kickboxing: the second class after weeks off, feeling very good but tired and slow. the blizzard made the streets safe to walk and promises a good weekend :)

that moment of indecision leading to a veggie / tofu pad thai on my way home... completely forgetting to ask gd if she wanted anything >.<
at least i was in time to go back...

odd thomas is fantastic!


midnight chores, late to bed and jumpstart at 5am with my sister's second call getting past my phone's "do not disturb"

hard dreaming only dimly recalled, waking up to catch my sister on the beach and introduce her to gd

blizzard post office mission - foot rubs' ball is totally worth it, i'm glad i picked up two!

rolling back my big project again

so hard to concentrate, my head everywhere but in my work, i was sleepy and sore and in serious need of some snowboarding and a solid s'effrican stomp

long late afternoon / evening

örmagörd it's cold walking through -21 into a light breeze and trying not to slide on the re-exposed ice

john dies at the end (the first half, at least) is a pretty darned good translation from the book

seriously stretching before early to bed

Sunday, January 04, 2015

lukewarm intro to 2015

last saturday:

a relatively short hospital visit but then hours waiting for the results

some shopping, pawning ($5 for a monitor, but it's still better than putting it on the street), the iron lady, more mind-bending braid

last sunday:

early night, late deep sleep with weird dreams
theoretically relaxed but stressed to be getting things done

taxi: old-school credit card swiping machine bothers me

pharmacy visit leading to the discovery that there are multiple options in alexis nihon for feeding ourselves (huge sigh of relief) - copper branch and jus jugo juice ftw!!!

tough shopping, walking and good appetites
pawn shop ripoff
almost done with google sheets, too much heroes for my own good


late night decadence (healthy pigging out until 1am)
endless dreams subject to time changing direction braid-style
a good morning, feeling much better for the first time in weeks
proper cold winter weather

a slow day at work mostly spent figuring out how to upgrade our dev environments

a last-minute lunch post attracting mega-ire that i didn't have time to respond to

meeting gd for shopping, communication breakdown, an evening of synchronized emotional ups and downs
keeping to the comic publishing schedule


hating garbage day, arguing about atheism brought out an intelligent design freak who didn't realize he was arguing with adults.
managing to offend moonflake :(

being in such a rush on my way out that i tipped over gd's breakfast onto myself and the floor which required a change of clothes and a thorough floor clean

a pretty good day at work improving and tweaking the dev environment and it looks like i found the sneaky bug that's been bothering me.

a good chat with the boss before a very cold traipse to the shops


a night of a sore neck, loads of heroes followed by a difficult low blood-sugar night ending in dreams of awkward family reunions and snowboarding (something about not wearing gloves to do something technical)

half-asleep breakfast making
late re-sleep
coffee mission cut short, starbucks and poetry instead then a visit to friends to learn about harnesses and adorable kids and dogs and mutual awkwardness
freezing late afternoon, heroes interrupted by an emergency p.m. mission

new year's downer



an uncomfortable night
a weird moody morning
godmother visit with yin then yang
worst p.m. experience ever, and not because of p.m. although the waiter laying waste to the leftovers i was hungry for didn't improve the mood much

a night recovering in front of heroes, a non-stop wtf-how-stupid-are-these-characters fest


getting up early to unresolve the previous night's issues, self-education and cold squeaky snow emergency shopping

long, slow day, mostly positive 
pushap dinner with a double waitress fail but still good

nothing night of american horror story and bonzo driving me nuts



chilled morning, though i could do without american horror story

cold shopping
hard nap, extra-shitty wake-up
abyss gallery superhero cool
housewarming spilled secrets
smoking taxi


late waking up to a discussion about old vs new systems and why all the gatekeeper institutions: music, movies, books, academic publishing, patent law are all operating counter to their intended functions in a digital age.

and the knowledge that i'm slamming tonight and i'm totally unprepared.

post-coffee downtime