Monday, December 15, 2014

season's open


a decent morning but hard to wake up
on time for work for once this week
a decent morning at work, but included an hour and a half in a stuffy meeting room learning things that couldn't have been more boring if they'd been targeted to put me to sleep

good counterstrike 

google sheets taking forever to find documentation helpful enough to see how simple it is to add functionality 

end of the week and no desire to do any work. talking to coworker about snowboarding on fresh powder put me on an i-gotta-go high!

a long few hours, and gd calling to say she can't make the fights so i had two very expensive tickets and no refunds...


running late = time for a delicious pushap meal
missing only one fight to stand outside and try to sell my spare (score!)
a great night of great fights, interesting and exciting

watching weidman vs silva (i)


getting things right with google sheets instead of sleeping

predawn efficiency but late enough to be waiting for the metro when i should already have arrived at the bus station

crunching through the snow just as the sky begins to pale

amazing sleep on the bus, stumbling out at saint sauveur, stunning, stunning morning, expensive season pass that HAS to be used, good first coffee

awesome first session, feeling super comfortable. totally present in every moment, the most magical of days and the conditions on most of the slopes good enough to be super fun ^_^

gd's boss freaked out again, apparently the apology was meaningless and i told her it's time to walk

so... after lunch i discovered that my fly had been wide open the whole morning. aside from being slightly embarrassed, i'm extremely grateful for not having ended up with ice in my underwear.

best cup of coffee outside in the shade

great, relaxed afternoon (with some groovy runs), being awed by the kid with what seemed to be just the squares from a snowboard around the bindings - crazy shit!

final runs beautiful, but tired and sore feet so calling it an hour and a half early. overall: my day was absolute bliss.

so... my locker was unlocked the whole day?

omg that was an expensive drink with two jokers: i walked out at 6:20 after a long, physical day and a beer and a parting shot of something strong and had to run with my snowboard for ten minutes. fortunately the bus was late and i had time to cool down a bit...

the rides back are much shorter, arriving home for a mutual yelling over gd's work environment, a disappointing shower (my old shower was sooooo good post-snow), and a gobbled dinner with some of marco polo before we both crashed early


getting up twelve hours later, a quick shopping mission and a day spent absolutely exhausted feeling like a mere shell of a human being: between thursday's kickboxing and yesterday's snowboarding i have seriously hammered my poor body, and i'm feeling really good about knowing that i did this weekend *right*

all good, though: at least i could rest a bit. five episodes of marco polo haven't hurt. the daiya frozen pizza went down well, too.

the only sucky thing is that the recordings from last week's slam have been lost :(

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