Monday, December 01, 2014

one-two [ ]-[ ]


leaving super late
final fantasy is actually better on ios, if only because of the quick save feature

super shitty code crawl

choosing league of legends over counterstrike, watching the cs after our game and being hit with a heavy wave of nostalgia

brain breakingly bad code, and a sore belly
a surprisingly quick and productive poetry meeting
dinner, firefly, bed


ultra shit morning
mixed feelings about being mean to gd's facebook frenemies in her defence

there's nothing quite like sarcastically thanking drivers for ignoring the pedestrian crossing when it's cold and snowing and there're people waiting to cross and having them smile and say thank you as they continue anyway

i helped a lady carry her kid in his pram up an escalator, but it took her a while to pluck up the courage to ask for assistance because my i-thought-were-meaningful stares were apparently mistakable for awkward curiosity. after getting to the top i thought about the act of helping someone carry something up stairs that move under their own power and decided that i probably didn't help much at all.


counterstrike twitching shaking adrenaline pumping 

finally getting a handle on things in time to close the weekend 

surprisingly good falafel at amir, losing the location (the website lied!)
a beautiful, powerful movie from the gay film festival: cuatro lunos
vegan dessert and debate


sleeping in
breakfast delivery
gorgeous winter morning, the only thing missing being snow
birthday starbucks!
mom chat wedding surprise
godmother brunch
vego is commensal, not bad but not amazing
producing good poetry for money
incredible p.m. minus parents aiming their sick baby at us
pool but no movie (third refund)
crash bandicoot and hunger games ii instead


a day full of wonderful birthday wishes and blessings!

gd's frenemy's private essay response that i don't really want to read but demonstrates an incredible lack of understanding of how sarcasm works

half wakeup quick shop stop and aux vivres
brunch surprises! it wasn't just *my* birthday
kgb visit with an uncomfortable gd
horseman visit with perfectly timed gift of teas
finishing the team piece perk
a quiet evening - ghost in the shell!

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