Saturday, December 27, 2014


it's really weird to have so little control over things.


more dev / prod disparity issues
another league of legends defeat (but not as painful, i took ashe and i think i like her style)
slow and steady progress until the end, finally making magic happen just before the end of the day and being deliciously relieved and satisfied

the boss caught me on my way out, spending forty minutes explaining the lay of the land and leaving me walking out quite flattered. it's awesome to be appreciated.

quick shopping trip feeling manically elated thinking about gd and our present situation (in spite of all the bad stuff we've been dealing with, there's a lot of good we can be grateful for) and my job satisfaction and the next five days off and my finally feeling well enough to enjoy them properly.

a good chat with my mom, daiya pizza for the win (that ugly post-pizza sensation later, though, which didn't happen before) and an early, easy night with my stepdog 


traumatic slip of the tongue (not mine for once) combined with some weird stuff that had happened during the day; it's amazing the kinds of stories the human brain can conjure up against all knowledge of reality


insane epic dreams ending with drinking a beer while watching a game / fight at my kickboxing instructor's palace before continuing to participate in a reality show where they put me in a playing field with lions amongst other challenges and i had to fight my way out

4am eel shadow slipping past the toilet door
sleeping really late, waking up straight into the morning dog walk, transistor, pre-christmas shopping expedition
very glad i made the call to skip the long queue at saq and come back later, very sad we missed the supermarket

montreal has really gotten the christmas eve thing wrong: it was raining non-stop all day

an evening of indulgence, heroestransistor and relaxing


midnight dog walk: the best part about rain is when it's finally over. snow full of dog poop is not fun snow.

epically weird dreams all disappeared in a puff of an emergency wakeup by a desperately hungry gd

tired, sleeping on the couch, a long walk ending with a fun chat with my mom

resting day with braid blowing my mind

p.m. overeating with friends and everyone happy to give the enormous leftovers to a group of homeless

a long, uncomfortable talk about how i give criticism


fast wake-up, braid boggling and rushed trip to the clinic through snowdon metro station screw-ups and shit taxi service and just making it in time to see a kind doctor and learn that everything's "in the right place" (we may have gotten silly)

a credit-card scare due to a busted card reader and my wondering how all these crazy things can happen to one person at the same time


pawning and shopping, forgotten christmas wishes to people who matter, four islamist teenagers painting a sad picture

four unhappy pharmacists
a great afternoon punctuated by the discovery that the doctor was clearly wrong

horns is brilliant! right until the ending. the ending was quite dissatisfying.

ambulance ride - feeling like i'm strapped in to a roller coaster. lessons learned:
1. ambulance arrivals do not get preferential treatment
2. being called into a room to see a doctor does not guarantee seeing a doctor within the hour
3. we need to educate ourselves. the fact that we went through that whole (expensive, scary) ordeal only to learn that there's nothing to freak out about and get an appointment with a specialist in the morning is further proof that medical basics should be mandatory school studies

so much for our plans to use the day to take care of our apartment...

a night of heroes and difficult food choices, very grateful for our liquid nutrition option


i need a lot more sleep like that. an ugly, angry wakeup, a brief respite, a shower and a shave and then back to the hospital

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