Sunday, November 16, 2014

stuffed nose, stuffy, dull headache


nightmare: trying to escape from a mass slaughter by a general and his army when visiting friends living in an unnamed african country

weather on says "nice day" because of the temperature but i stepped out into rain

another demo fail, this time because of a bad preset

realizing that i'd managed ANOTHER GORRAM VIDEO RETURN FAIL

i shouldn't listen to awesome psytrance at work. it might make me want to not work.

we need a nap room, coffee didn't help
catching a bug during demo prep, magically figuring it out in time to make a smooth demo presentation
chilled distracted evening

solid boxing, way too bombed by the end to do little more than a third of the exercises

of course our coach will be fighting next door to my office when i'm out of the country! :S

the end of a good day spent relaxing

on landing on comets and just mayo lawsuits: fascinating news!
to quote zenstar: "we have landed a probe on a comet 500 million miles away using an orbit that took 10 years to intersect. can the planet just stop its infighting and bickering for a moment and maybe acknowledge that science does some amazing things. imagine what they could do with serious funding and backing."

post-boxing very sore deep sleep


jamiroquai - runaway wakeup
laundry heap traversal algorithm differences
pickup artist disgust
street shopping!
beautiful morning

chilled start
still feeling the boxing
newk'd pushap lunch
brainslow exploration into supershitty code, learning that i can't focus on illegible code while listening to steel panther

unintentionally insulting big junior... it may have been shit when he inherited it, but.

not feeling kickboxing even though all prepared to go

dinner, les revenants, bed


family nightmares and somehow ending up negotiating with a very un-hagridy hagrid

soft attempt to uninsult big junior
jaw-breaking in a meeting

serious shadowrun returns ass-kickings that i had to work hard for, getting the theme music stuck in my head

snowstorm! brief but good

elaborately sharing a dyslexic moment with a co-worker... rather unprofessionally in all respects

hitting the gym with a sore arm and not much motivation other than "end this damned week", finishing feeling super strong after a grueling personal class

gd accidentally overmedicating, but quick resolution
absolute exhaustion, ordering indian and television


zombie-state pre-wakeup
super late sleep, canada's smartest person dairy ad disappointment (it's really inappropriate that the dairy industry can push dairy as healthy)
shadowrun returns goodness
quick godmother chat
resting pre-poetry perk production with saga
heart not into anything right now

meeting gd to go out but returning home for a quiet night instead
watching neurons to nirvana: psychedelic medicines and then the first few episodes of neil degrasse tyson's cosmos: a spacetime odyssey was inspirational
i don't know why i watched an entire volume of red vs blue but i found it surprisingly amusing even though i was constantly conscious of the fact that i would never have found it funny if it was live acted

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