Sunday, November 23, 2014

raw meat

an insurance company that i closed an account with about a year ago wants to refund me NIS 33 (about 8$), but can only do so by sending me a cheque. when i suggested a direct deposit or paypal seeing as i'm not in the country to either receive or deposit it, i was told that that's not possible. clearly because 2014.

i told the representative that she can keep the cheque herself. perhaps she can use it to buy herself something nice, in exchange for making me feel like my business was so greatly appreciated.


thursday is unavailable for streaming *anywhere*, so we rented peaceful warrior from itunes. i was skeptical at first but even the few obvious hollywood treatments couldn't take away from what is a wonderfully made, insightful and inspirational film.

galaxy quest and indian food
a night of web hosting fails
super meat boy and fez


the second night seemed worse than the first and brought out all sorts of tensions. the morning's been okay, since deciding not to call an ambulance. i've just discovered that super meat boy was right, playing with a gamepad is far more rewarding (and far less strain on the wrists). it's only complicated to connect a ps3 control to a pc if you don't know to go directly to, install the latest version, and load the driver through the driver manager of the ds3 tool before connecting the device.

you're welcome.

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