Wednesday, November 12, 2014


clinic visit, opportunity to finish this month's wired (so much good stuff!) and be informed that everything's fine 

salt and vinegar start

fms is an fms that protects against spaghetti code

pushap lunch
walmart run
videotron call hatred - i'm sorry, did you just inform me that you can't help me because you're a soulless automaton?

pistachios at the desk are a terrible idea, once you pop...

great meeting dry run and long-term strategy
mom chat and documentation duties

an artist i know invited me to a pro-palestinian rally where she'll be adding legitimacy to a cause she knows nothing about
and in a flash forced me back into politics i'm trying to avoid 

a good evening but no yoga, eating far too much good stuff

transcendence is conceptually brilliant but there's so much wrong with it that it left a bad taste in my mouth

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