Thursday, November 27, 2014



the very moment that i flopped into bed after finally getting through a weekend of illness was the moment that the universe decided that it was my turn to feel nausea.

have i mentioned my ability to purge at will? i was shocked at how much it took but i soon returned to bed feeling considerably better and hoping that it wasn't the start of another story.


an incredibly difficult morning to get out of bed to, but a beautiful wakeup nonetheless

dredd soundtrack leading to gd rewatching the movie

a pleasant and productive morning

meeting of awkward putting me and big junior on the same page: there is a gorilla in our midst

being the jew in charge of the team's christmas tree was odd

gd teasing me with scans of her illustrations during the day - things are coming along!

hours more debugging live, finding even more crazy bugs that shouldn't have made it through qa, eventually leaving and continuing to test using my phone until getting halfway to the supermarket and uncovering a huge issue


a long night of war hats and comic strip production


late start but a good one
finally getting the job done
league of legends introduction game
generally positive afternoon
killer kickboxing and ice cold showers
first comic published! (see previous post)


tough getting up, but a great morning nonetheless
deployments, rollbacks and unchartered territories
counterstrike fun... and a surprisingly well-times steam sale on the complete cs pack!

a whatever afternoon, aside from learning that ffvi for ios is an excellent investment to take on the plane with me alongside perdido street station

good boxing, nutrition education preaching

pizza and jodorowsky's dune: beautiful, magnificent, utterly disappointing. horrifying to hear him speak of marriage as rape.


physically exhausted.

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