Friday, November 21, 2014

down down up up left right


forgotten phone!
stunning sunny morning

in trouble for using the wrong uml tool at work, the right one being much easier
shadowrun returns intensity
long short afternoon
yoga chill
crap movie seats so skipped film, closed copper branch making it hard to enjoy a wonderful snowstorm 
p.m. perfection 
exhaustion but laundry
dr horrible's sing-along blog


explosions and sharp edges
shameful deployment fails
finishing shadowrun returns - EPIC base story!!! and now i can make my own?!
more deployment woes, but finally getting it right
boxing glove purchase fail, borrowing shitty ones that stained my forearms red
decent training
wintery shopping 
dinner and the rest of dr horrible's sing-along blog 

early bed


naming animals: my depression. at least partially related to my unprofessional conduct last week. talking to my boss was helpful.

israel / media bias / isis sympathy and arguments on facebook

shameful copy paste errors of mine that somehow got through all our qa

boxing glove fail: round two, correction, with awkward sneaky sale skip

never-ending post-deployment fixes; everything's great except the status monitoring:S

hard kickboxing definitely necessary

plaster protecting my thumb coming off in the gym shower and re-slicing it while paying at the supermarket- very kind first aid much appreciated 

a night summarized by too much garlic in the soup, video games: the movie and angry birds. gd's more supportive of my gaming habits than i realized...

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