Wednesday, October 01, 2014

time flying


stretching start to the day
scrawled "poo-up" on the board
twilio support frustration
cash draw, poetry and pushap memorization mission
ios 8 background moves on tilt - very cool
project success, review presence effect fail
fixes till late, feeling good aside from a sore neck
solid improvement in poetry performance
miso soup sachets ftw, basmati rice and salad for an encore
deadman wonderland


absolutely out of it, catch-up sleep, aside from a tender eyelid in the middle of the night 
lucky gd wake up when i somehow "missed" setting my alarm
irritable, rushed
practising performance in the metro with coworker witnesses

good workout

if paleo doesn't significantly outperform a whole-foods plant-based diet, it's significantly worse for our planet and for animal rights

military service useful for emergency response team
were the top floor employees high?

proper coding brain flexing excitement

perpetual confusion regarding slam team meetings, bad signage and too many starbucks'

good meeting, enjoying my performance

fighting paypal and kindle and comixology for gd (hopefully the publishers will beat amazon in their fight over ebook pricing)

gd scaring me with a purple spider

my laser treatment missed line fail

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