Monday, October 06, 2014

some peace

saturday night:

still fracking raining
p.m.'s general tao tofu off the menu
gd tired, walking the wrong direction to the sports bar and having to specifically request ufc... overall shitty place and service

mostly boring fights, olivier aubin-mercier and chad laprise, assuncao / caraway and macdonald were exceptions

late last metros
that tough knot in your shoelace when you're in a hurry versus that tough knot in your trousers' drawstring when you need the toilet


5am half-asleep cottonmouth fighting

friend's place. gd's eyes go from tiny yellow pupils to huge after a disturbing horizontal fall off a table - i try to see if she's okay, when i examine her eyeball i see a band of blood around a meticulously detailed tattoo.
looking at the friend's mother's garden of odds and ends, i come across three eggs. she rushes out to ensure nothing happens to them and surprises me; a quick juggle and i catch two but the third breaks. inside there's a large spider. a bystander helpfully shows me where to return the eggs: a basket containing small rodents. to my and the mother's horror the rodents crush and gulp down the eggs... the son had always hated those eggs and told the bystander what to tell me. we all end up laughing with tears rolling down our cheeks.

naming my animals, realizing how tense everything is (i'm extremely grateful for gd's support)

mom chat about godmother making me suspicious

chilled (late) morning, late midi 6 utterly disappointing

les sept jours du talion
5150 rue des ormes

early to bed


no snooze rough
invader zim -rise of the zitboy

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