Tuesday, October 21, 2014

milestones achieved

1. returning from the cfsw, having gained far more than winning

2. not only passing my probation period at work, but essentially receiving an hour of positive feedback


exhaustion and frustrations and not enough sleep

trying to get a handle on how meaningful my stage time was, in my head still totally at the festival and holy crap waking up early on a montreal cold morning is rough
french exam registration
relaxing morning

work success! and probation review!

why has my knee been hurting the last couple of weeks?

tightening up the code


"i hope you get a ticket asshole", the cashier shouted at the back of the man who ignored her warning

my toronto cousin's slam approval and suggestion to send it to other members of the family

serious online poetry scene feels and community building after fasting after a wonderful gd-cooked meal

really early bedtime

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