Saturday, October 11, 2014

breathe in, breathe out

shame, rage, sigh kinda covers today's emotional rage. the first two began with me doing something entirely stupid and being called on it - i'm still ashamed and angry with myself - and ended up with bell for making my life difficult and making me pay out the nose for it.


gorgeous friday morning
chores and chatting
a little bit of late stress discomfort

godmother invite at an emotionally safe time

big junior on this / self / binding / events / callbacks

okay workout, learning a deep and shaming lesson on not interfering with tristar coaches while they're teaching
rule #1: don't be an asshole.
there's not much worse than unwittingly breaking that rule and only realizing when you're called on it. ‪#‎imgonnakeepmymouthundercontrolinthegym‬
bank shock: whoops! i forgot i had no cash...

pushap may be cheap and great, but waiting five minutes to pay was frustrating

i feelz i has the dumb today

not leaving until the job is done, still room for improvement but aside from still feeling like an asshole from earlier i'm at least ready to focus on cfsw / holidaying and nothing else


long lost linkage!

lab grown penises

i'm not alone! my favourite keyboard

microsoft is making a real-life holodeck

regular exercise is part of your job

apparently we shouldn't panic about ebola.
this says it best.

thanks, nystire:

TL;skimmed on feminism and adulthood

no need for alarm, we've probably got more time</sarcasm>

and i'll finish with an appropriate article: how to break the procrastination doom loop

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