Thursday, September 18, 2014

a doubloon for every time i...

deeply dreaming

taking an apartment at the last minute and excitedly showing it to my mother

me and my white horse being chased through magical lands by forces of evil
arriving at a castle and being forced to face two enemies one by one

feeling good morning for the first time in ages.
a very johnny clegg morning.

explaining "not enough hours in the day" to someone trying to bring me in to his idea with "startup potential"

stunning morning, pity about the ear making taking my sweater off an awkward experience

m3u8 mobile implementations officially fail - it took a lot of work to establish that

all-day rls and munchies and offending with "doubloons" when sneaking cash under the manager's keyboard
- sneak failed, making things superawkward to the point of being threatened to have my probation cancelled "for being too nice"

cent os is a pain to work with, even more so under virtualbox

a quick break by the water cooler when some guy walks past farting long and loud. not looking up.

twilio enthusiasm

reading documentation lack of enthusiasm

shopping, home, delicious dinner, searching for sugarman tears

music sync and wintery dry skin and ear treatment and finally dropping into bed at 12.30 (early-ish)

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