Monday, July 07, 2014

a month of links

politics and bureaucrats

the tsa are still being useless assholes.

speaking of phones, how safe are ours from various governments?

elon musk understands what's wrong with patent law.


THIS is a what a smartwatch should look like!

quadcopters: letting us see fireworks the right way.

jerktech: thoroughly disappointing hi-tech "solutions".

iphone photograph awards: these photos say a lot about photography.

the wheezy asthma attack detector has an interesting history.


rolling coal: conservative americans take pride in being the dumbest people on the planet :(

harley davidson's livewire prototype is beautiful.

massive underground oceans? colour *me* impressed!


17 websites that will make you smarter is a great list!

this french tech school seems to "get" it.


starbucks college fund: good business.

who should worry about work-life balance?


recalibrate your reality is an incredibly interesting and well-written article.

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