Friday, June 27, 2014

spreading thin - part ii

[... continued]


last night i slept deeply, having a lot of odd dreams most of which i've forgotten. the last one was amusing, though: i was arresting batman after a really dumb accident involving the batmobile and a swimming pool, and was explaining that in addition to that i was arresting him because nobody could stand him.

after joining gd in being disgusted and insulted by her paycheck - she's worked really hard, she's one of their best and what she's earned this month is a very unfunny joke - i had a long chat with my mother. and a short chat with kc's mother, which was nice but a little awkward.

basically, my mother's reassured me that we'll figure things out if they go south, and i've been in touch with someone who i'd mailed months ago and who was shocked when my mother told him that nobody from his company has contacted me: it's a company that's based across canada and israel, so if shit happens i could use that as a relatively quick way to return.


i haven't seen any background check updates from my old university, my illustrators have all been silent and the company i'm hoping to work for is closed today so i can't get in touch to see what's going on. can i be forgiven for preparing for the worst?

vegan or not, daiya's cream cheese is one of the best spreads i've ever put on bread. if you can get hold of it, i urge you to try some!

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