Wednesday, June 25, 2014

restart required

it's been quite a morning so far. it began with me going to bed last night and having serious difficulty sleeping; i got up in the middle of the night and saw what appeared to be those black things from blue exorcist sliding around and hiding in the shadows.

gd and i rarely argue, but when we do it's like a flash fire; this morning's was a continuation of the one on the weekend (a misunderstanding about something i wrote in last night's poem brought that back) and things got really crazy, but i think we've established rules that needed to be established earlier. it's really hard fighting with someone when you're both actually agreeing and phrasing keeps getting in the way.

it doesn't help that her back issues have worsened.

my toronto cousin sent me some files he needed converted for tonight's festivities in honour of kc's grandfather's 90th birthday... of course he'd only find out at the last minute that his computer couldn't play them, so i sat down at gd's desktop and tried to get it done as quickly as possible.

an hour later, and i still don't have a clue what i'm supposed to install on ubuntu 14.04 if i want to convert wma to mp3. and it seemed like every application was taking forever to load and switch. reading somewhere that this is a new issue, i moved to my little netbook, installed sound converter and had the desired files to my cousin in a matter of minutes. thank you, ubuntu 12.04. thank you.

and thank YOU whoever knows how to sort this out on 14.04 and has written instructions that include help instead of excuses and blame. </sarcasm>


i'm now off to my apartment to bring back laundry so that the entrance doesn't smell like a gym locker when the couple comes again tonight to check it out.
*still crossing fingers and praying they'll take it*

john oliver is a hero. a hero! could we add regulation to gmo as well?

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