Wednesday, June 04, 2014

down the line linkage

yesterday afternoon was hot and sticky; at least today has chilled a bit. i went to gd's, we rested, then headed to the weekly kalmunity event at les bobards. some of the first half was very cool, and some... well, let's just say we didn't make it to the second half. a couple of the performers really sucked, one of whom recited an angry, somewhat incoherent #YesAllWomen piece over chilled reggae.


on the way back home, gd and i discussed details of our living together, figuring out what we want and how we'll manage everything. once i'm earning again things will all be pretty trivial.


it was a decent night's sleep with only one incident of us being all elbows and knees - fortunately nobody got hurt :P
we looked at a few apartments advertised online this morning, and i've taken photos of mine to sublet, and now it's linkage time.

okay, let's do this.


instagram's latest update is horrible, too many options and too much control for simple users like me.

top ten reasons your api sucks and what you can do about it

why working as a programmer can be trying sometimes

cool new stuff

twelve ways to teach kids coding sounds like a very good idea!

live skype translation sounds brilliant! only, if it's using bing will the accuracy be comparable to that of facebook's translations? 'cause those are totally crap.

tile is shipping - neat!

graphene? the new silicone? it sounds pretty sweet.

plaster casts are a thing of the past.


end-to-end gmail encryption? quite frankly, it sounds to me like we should simply avoid writing anything that might be sensitive in an email.

peter sunde has been arrested. the old world is still beating us with a very big stick :(


here's a thought: an environmentally responsible supermarket that also handles curation. nice!

reactions to obama on carbon emissions: fifteen years? can't we go faster?

there's hope for solar power yet! according to this article, and the fact that solar roadways drummed up enough interest to keep their campaign open for another month and they've already raised double their initial target.

living architecture being thought about seriously? that's very, very exciting indeed.

astronomy and aerospace

ooh! a discovery about a new class of potentially habitable planets: mega-earths.

the dragon v2 is a very cool step forward :)

xkcd's self-fulfilling prophecy: hacking old spacecraft


the dark art of seduction? you mean, the dark art of sexual predation? this is ugly and psychopathic.

at least victims can buy a wearable panic button now.

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