Sunday, June 22, 2014

couldn't make this up

to continue the background check story begun on thursday, this morning i woke up to communication from the university.

    she sent three emails:
  • the first to both myself and the background check company, saying that i need to send her my id or passport if i want to change my name.
  • the second was a response to my private email saying that she doesn't know what correction i'm talking about.
  • the third was my grade transcript.

i decided to call the woman to clear everything up. first mistake, calling pre-coffee and not noticing that my netbook was on mute: there were about eight awkward seconds where she could hear me but i couldn't hear her. after that i introduced myself, explained how her emails made it seem like i'd changed my name and that they still didn't include my concentration, and she confirmed that she understood and would take steps to correct things.

second mistake, sending her a copy of my id instead of my passport, which doesn't include my name in english. easy to correct, made me look super foolish.


anyway, it turns out that the real error here is that somebody, after i graduated and received my diploma, went in to the university systems and changed my bloody name because they thought it had been misspelled. who does that???

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