Friday, May 30, 2014


i dragged my tired self to gd's last night, and from there we went to p.m. for yet another delicious meal. i was stuffed afterwards, but agreed to walk to yeh! and see how i felt... the walk did give me space for dessert :)
gd decided she wanted to walk all the way home, and i acquiesced even though i really didn't feel up to it. it was a pleasant walk, actually, but while i was fine for its duration i was unbelievably worn out by the time we got home.

i did very little from that point on, staying up just late enough to call my mother for her birthday (voicemail :P) and fall asleep doing some stretches the gd has for our necks.


i had some ugly nightmares last night. the one i remember involved gd becoming jealous when i facebook-friended the first girl i kissed, and us rushing through catacombs follows by someone scary. as soon as i confronted him we realized his innocence and he was attacked by the real threat.


i was stupidly slow this morning, and returned home, lay on the couch and watched eddie murphy delirious. i was offended, but not enough to turn it off. it was neither funny nor clever, though his impersonations were amazing. still needing to rest, i watching anger management again. that's a fun, cute movie.

i've spent my day since then feeling offline. i don't know what i want to do, i can't bring myself to focus, i've had serious munchies and i haven't felt like going out to the shops in spite of the fact that i'm pretty much out of food.

i've been meaning to link to bill gates' 2014 report. he debunks three myths about aiding poorer countries.

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