Tuesday, May 06, 2014

layers and stages - part i

i'm not feeling great, but only because i've developed a throat infection. the weekend almost killed me, but out of kindness and i think i'm pretty much recovered. also, there's excellent news on the job hunting front to counter the bad news.


i ended a call with my mother when gd arrived at the door and i went to let her in.
"are you saying gd's more important than me??"
don't make me choose, mom. don't make me choose. :P

i'd decided that it was time to relax for a couple of days and not do anything too productive. i introduced gd to tekken, which was marvelously entertaining and exciting! she enjoys it AND has potential ^_^

we went to kickboxing together. she only joined me for the beginner's class, but i did the advanced as well. our regular instructor is back and worked us really, really hard for three hours. i'd forgotten how tough his classes are! the work on the bags alone actually took a couple of days to recover from.

i've still got my "robo mojo", he tells me. he was pleased to hear that i've ordered a shirt with "ROBOCOP" on it.

gd was quite upset during the class, but that's because she now knows what kickboxing is *supposed* to be about and realizes that the level where she usually trains isn't as good as it gets. i'm really happy she enjoyed it and will be joining us again :)


arguing with gd is thoroughly validating. we're on the same wavelength and we're both happier talking things out. we're also both naturally excited so we don't take it personally when the other seems aggressive.


we went to p.m. for dinner and it was great, only the "vegetarian" dish we ordered did have some egg in it and that taught us to be explicit with every item on the menu from now on.

i was totally bombed on our way to gd's, apparently attracting jealous attention on the metro as gd held me while we sat waiting for our train :)


thursday night was sleepless and i had a rough awakening only to go back to sleep at the first opportunity, literally walking in to my apartment and flopping onto the couch for a death-nap. i don't remember if that was before or after speaking to the recruitment agency, who wanted me to see if there was some sort of "arrangement" we could come to with my previous employer. the answer was a resounding "no". i'm not doing anything that's not legit anyway, i'm trying to secure my place here.


i played ftl for a bit, coming so close to success and having my ship destroyed when the rebel flagship had only three bars left. that was so frustrating!

but not as frustrating as a misogynistic posting by dirk diggler. i've actually written a rant about the incident that i'm trying to convert into a performance piece, but i'll post it here soon in one form or another. the post is "pro-life", and when i spoke to him privately about it his arguments not only didn't make sense in context, but rather made a perfect argument for pro-choice.

shitty parents shouldn't be forced to breed. and women should have sovereignty over their bodies.


i went downtown in the rain with the single purpose of acquiring more breakfast shake powder. i had a big lunch when i returned and gave up a lot more time to combot training than i'd intended. tekken tag tournament 2's combot training is actually excellent training for any tekken player. just saying.

i had just enough time to shave my beard and rush over to gd's work to pick her up. we found a nice little indian restaurant, then went back to her place for a pre-party nap. the nap didn't really happen, first because we got silly and spent ages making each other laugh and second because my rls started up and my feet were driving me up the wall.


gd had to work in the morning, and so i waited in the line for stereo alone for half an hour. the wait was pretty boring. there were loud, brainless hipsters in front of me and i wished dearly for the ability to tune them out... to no avail.

my intention had been to buy a ticket then walk to vfmp's boyfriend's place to rest a bit more as they were only going to arrive around 3am. unfortunately for my plans, the story at the door was that in addition to the tickets being insanely expensive - $60! - door sales were limited to the first hundred people and i wouldn't be able to leave without giving up my spot and not being able to return.

at least they let me in with a protein bar in my pocket. in addition to the covert charge being so expensive, there was no liquor license and the regular drinks on sale - mineral water and orange juice - were set at six times the price. seriously. $6 for a small bottle of orange juice. at least they had vending machines which didn't expect a tip on top of that :/

the warm-up set was phenomenally good, and the guys arrived for the tail end of it. the main act came on: kaskade. some of the tracks were good, but overall the experience was a bit... boring. we had fun anyway, we danced a lot in spite of the not-so-bouncy beats, enjoying each other's company more than anything. granted, the people were all cool and the vibe was nice, but none of the experience was $60 nice. i've been to amazing parties here that charged $10, had much better music and crowds and served alcohol.

just sayin'.


at around 6am i was feeling really sleepy and i took my yawns and sore limbs and heavy eyelids for a ten minute power-nap.

a couple of hours later we all decided we were done. we got to experience that wonderful moment where you walk out from the darkness into a bright, beautiful morning which i haven't had in a long time.

we were all feeling slow and stupidly tired. we missioned to vfmp's boyfriend's place, spending the next few hours relaxing, eating delicious vegan fake-eggs and incredible choc-chip cookies; everyone passed out watching firefly except me and i got about half an hour of sleep all told.

i headed out into warm weather, got home and had lunch, a much-needed shower and tooth-brushing. i had some shopping to do and left my apartment just as it began drizzling... the drizzle turned to rain turned to storm, and i took shelter in the starbucks with a soy latte. i finished just as the storm passed, went to the supermarket and returned home to witness the following scene: our neighbourhood kids in an intense battle in the streets, some on rollerblades wielding plastic lightsabres and some with oversized water pistols.

thank you, canada :)


i went downtown to pick up gd from work again, and we stopped at masala palace next to snowdon metro for a quick, excellent meal before going to vfmp's for game night.


we were all - not just me and gd, who'd had a really tough day - quite tired, and gd and i had some very serious communication misfires while i tried to explain thunderstone to her. the thing that i appreciate most is that even when things got really bad we were both trying to fix everything; while it wasn't the greatest night ever it also wasn't bad overall. even forgetting something important when we left and having to double back with the taxi didn't mess with our mojo.

we're awesome, people. we're definitely, definitely awesome.


we went straight to bed and slept until sunday afternoon. we both sorely needed that! we had breakfast and played tekken, then did a round of shopping so that gd could attempt a vegan version of a dish she loves making. shopping in her area is a treat, it's very village-y and cool.
lunch was a quick affair, and i introduced her to bbc's sherlock before leaving for a poetry slam finalist pre-competition workshop.

that's as odd an idea as it sounds.


oh, the rain. the endless rain :(


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